Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Expect the Best, Prepare for the Worst

I usually make an effort at looking decent for the day. It's kind of like that wearing clean underwear theory, just in case you ever go to the hospital for something. My goal every for my mornings is usually to NOT look like I just climbed out of a dumpster. This morning I hardly even made an attempt, and any attempt that was accidentally made definitely failed. Starting with a very bad hair day and ending with wearing one of Martin's tshirts that I pulled out of the dirty clothes hamper, I am NOT looking my best today. But my reasoning was this: It's a rainy, stormy, goopy February day. Anja and I have big plans to stay in the house, and surely nobody else will be going out today, so who's going to see us? Nobody. I did get some makeup on... but that's as far as my efforts went.

OF COURSE this would be the day when Mrs. Mills shows up at my door for a chat! NOBODY just randomly comes by our house, EVER. Why today?!? Why on the day when I STILL haven't bothered to do the dishes from dinner the night before, decided that my ultimate task for the day was to get every piece of laundry washed, so right now it's in piles throughout the house, and am wearing my husband's dirty clothes (!?!) does a friend pop in unannounced for a visit? It's just my luck. As if I weren't embarrassed enough by my appearance, being a lazy day at home meant that my house was in shambles. Cheerios EVERYWHERE. Dirty dishes EVERYWHERE. Clothes--more literally--EVERYWHERE.

Oh well, what can you do? My appearance has gotten even better since then, after putting on one of Martin's gross, dirty hooded sweatshirts from college. This is even the one that has that funny smell!

Yesterday morning I had a doctors appointment at 9:30. I was leaving Anja with my mom and beforehand I had something to give my mother-in-law, so we went to her classroom at school. I'm rarely glad when my little girl cries for anything, but it was kind of reassuring when Mrs. Schap left the room and Anja burst into tears. I'm glad she's so attached to her grandmothers! After all, they will be her primary caretakers for AT LEAST some amount of hours when the new baby comes. It's good that she likes them so much! We spent awhile there (the class sang to her!) then moved on to my mom's house, where I left her playing with bathtub toys and my mom's little dog Maizie. (When I tell Anja that we're going up to Ooma's house, she starts panting like a dog. Hmm....) The doctors appointment was uneventful for the most part, (the baby is head down!) and when I got back to Anja, my mom was playing her hammered dulcimer and Anja was lying on the ground enjoying the music and couldn't even be bothered to lift her head to see me come in the door. She seriously didn't care about my return ONE BIT. She used to at least smile when I came back....

In the evening Martin shoved me off to knitting again at Barnes & Noble. I was nervous to have him put Anja down since last week it didn't work out, but this time it was great! All this progress, I'm so excited.

And speaking of progress, we've now had two nights in a row (and one night the night before a bad night) of only waking up twice! I can totally do that. In fact, I haven't felt this energized and well rested in a ridiculously long time. This morning before Anja woke up at 7:30 I had showered, swept the floors, gotten one load of laundry in the washer, and separated out the next two loads. AND I had done some minor picking up around the house, checked my blog, and made Martin's lunch. Wah-hooo for productivity!

Wow, this is a very boring post. I'll try to think of something more interesting to post about next time.


Anne said...

I can remember when we left Charles with my mom all. day. long. to take Dan and Laura to a Cubs game. I had a good time but missed Charles (of course) constantly and couldn't wait to get back to him. But when we walked in the door he wasn't very interested in me! All part of growing up I suppose. :o)

Anne said...

PS I love logging on the internet to see that you've posted!!!