Saturday, February 7, 2009

What to Do?!?

Some days I'm just overwhelmed by the stuff I want to do during naptime. Sadly, Anja's naps usually only last two hours, so I have to choose my activities carefully. Today we completely ran out of toilet paper, so part of naptime was spent running out for that. While at the store, I went ahead and picked up a couple boxes of Little Debbie snacks. I ate four of them on the way home. Oooooh, that chocolatey-hearty goodness... and then Martin called me to tell me that I should stop and get myself a cherry coke as long as I was out by myself. Well, if you insist, Martino...

I'm afraid I'm going to be in for quite a shock when this new baby arrives. Lately I have become S-P-O-I-L-E-D. This morning Anja woke us up at 7:00. I moaned and groaned, but Martin jumped right up, took her downstairs, changed and dressed her, then came up awhile later to get his phone. I hadn't realized that I'd fallen back asleep, and was going to get up, but he told me not too. He said I'd ruin the surprise. So I quickly went back to sleep, and not too long later he and Anja arrived bearing vanilla chai from Vienna!!! Woohooo, what a way to start the morning. Not only that, but I slept in an entire extra hour, and I'm not kidding, I feel more rested than I have felt in a VEERRRYYYY LONG TIME. In fact, I'm kind of bursting with energy. It's a feeling I'd sort of forgotten about! Good old Martino.

How about this weather!? We're planning to walk up to the Art Museum this afternoon and see if we can finally get in to see the exhibit with Martin's photo in it. It's the perfect day for a family walk!

I was very productive yesterday during Anja's nap and afterward. Our desk area (which is in our dining room) had become quite the eyesore. We recieved a very nice wooden filing cabinet for Christmas from my parents, and while it's been put together for some time, it kind of found a permanent home in the middle of the dining room. Yesterday I totally cleared out the space where it would go, moved it into place, cleaned and organized the desk, and somewhat organized the pile of papers that will eventually be filed in the filing cabinet, although right now it's all in stacks or binders in the cabinet drawers. Still--it's out of sight! While cleaning I threw out a lot of stuff. One thing I found that's particularly interesting is a box--a fairly big box--full of cards from our wedding. ?!? Why I felt the need to keep all those cards for more than two years, I have no idea. But I gave the box to Anja and she had SUCH a good time taking all the cards out and scattering them all over the kitchen. She loves to "read" things, and she looks so thoughtful reading her greeting cards before chucking them behind her and moving on to the next. Now our dining room looks a thousand-million times better and I feel good about having actually done something instead of sleeping during Anja's nap.

Oops, naptime is over!

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Anne said...

I totally know what you mean about naptime. I never know for sure what to do and as a result I often waste a lot of naptimes.

I love filing stuff. It is so satisfying to put it away. We just got a filing cabinet for Christmas,too. Though all the drawers don't lock, I am in love with it.

And I'm definitley taking Charles out to enjoy this weather today!