Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the True Spirit of Schmalentine's Day

I've always hated Valentine's Day. It seems like a pretty lame-o holiday, whether or not I was ever dating someone. (Although I did get one of my very favorite sweaters from Martin for our first Valentine's Day together!) When I got married I kind of thought Valentine's Day would get better, but it still seems pretty stupid to me. Anyway, this year I've actually been pretty excited for Valentine's Day, only because I made Valentine's with Anja's picture on them and was sending them out to EVERYONE. Even lots of my blog list was getting Valentine's from us! I got cute paper from Von's, and worked really hard and was SO EXCITED to send them out this morning, knowing that they'd make it to everyone by Saturday. I finished addressing the last four this morning, and got them all pinned to the mailbox about a half hour before the mailman came. I was so happy!!

And then around 3:00 this afternoon, the mailman came knocking at my door.

He was very apologetic (I actually feel a lot worse for him than I feel for myself about this); He hadn't put them in a plastic bag, and they'd all gotten soaked. The whole stack had turned into a pile of mush. All the addresses had bled away and at first I thought I could salvage the valentines themselves, but when I peeled away the envelope paper, the ink on the valentines themselves had bled away and even the pictures were ruined. I was SO. SAD.

Martin really wants me to re-make them. It's hard to get up the enthusiasm, especially knowing that even if I could make them all again by tomorrow and get them in the mail, they wouldn't make it to anyone by Valentine's Day. Well, they'd probably make it to all the Lafayette people, but not the out-of-towners. *Sigh* I might try to get some more made, and we might just hand-deliver them to our friends and family around town. It's so disappointing... even the envelopes were cute and had hearts all over them. I'd gotten the envelopes at Von's YEARS ago and have never had the perfect use for them until now. How sad.

So anyway, mostly I just wanted to post this story so everyone would know why I had advertised to be sending out special valentines, but actually didn't.

Funnily enough, right after the mailman came and gave me back my pile of pink and red mush, I got a text message from Laura saying it was a cute valentine. It took me so long to figure out how she'd gotten one before I remembered that hers was the one I took to the post office to see how much postage they needed, and the mailman there just kept it for me to mail. So it was the only one that was saved! I'm glad somebody got one at least.

So anyway, that is my sadness of the day. But the great news is, my aunt has a dresser for us for the new baby!!!!!! I got a message from her today saying it's ready to go, so as soon as we get our books moved downstairs, we'll be ready to roll with that. Which is good... because I washed all the newborn clothes the other day and I have A LOT more than I remembered having. I had planned to put them all in this little white basket, but I think the basket isn't even big enough for all the onesies!!!!

Time to clean up the kitchen.

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LauraSuz said...

I'm glad I'm the one who got one! It's the cutest Valentine and it's up on our fridge! I would be bummed too after putting all that work into them.