Thursday, March 18, 2010


I think the laptop was a bad idea. I spend so much time reading craft blogs now, which on the one hand is great because I'm getting fun ideas, recipes, free tutorials, and a never-ending list of links to more and more and more wonderful stuff.... but the bad part is that it makes me insanely jealous. These crafting mamas are so CUTE! And capable! And talented! And successful! Most of them are so cute, capable and talented that they have books and patterns that you buy and really successful Etsy stores. Then there's me, making clothes that fall apart in the wash and other clothes that don't get worn because nobody likes them.

One of the blogs on my sidebar, "Tiny Happy", had a post about a repurposed adult sweater that she made into a cardigan for her little daughter. It was adorable, and cutting and sewing sweaters is something I've always wanted to try. I have visions of "the perfect sweater" (there are many) but I can never find them already knit and I am certainly not good enough to knit up a sweater. So I've thought about cutting and sewing to construct a perfect sweater, but I've never tried it. I might have been given the inspiration to do so, thanks to Tiny Happy.

Another thing that happens on the blogs that is bad for me is that everybody has babies. If someone isn't actually pregnant, then I read back on their blog archives to when they WERE. And then I get.... THE BABY BUG. It's only ever temporary, but still!!! It's this horrible little feeling of, "aaawwww!! I waaaaant ooonnnneee!!!!" that happens while Greta is sleeping and then of course, Greta wakes up and I realize, oh yeah, I have one. But Greta is not as tiny as she used to be and when I see knitting projects for tiny little newborn kimonos and booties and elf hats..... *sigh* Well, it's a good thing my sister is due in June. That's only a few months away! That should quench by baby thirst for awhile. I think she's having a boy.

Last night to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the beeeeautiful weather, we ate our corned beef and cabbage outside on the patio. I've been working on the pretty days to clean up the yard a little bit. It's definitely not planting time, or even hanging basket time yet, since the highs early next week are only in the 40's (yikes!) but getting the yard cleaned up a little makes it as nice as it can be. We brought out this little table we had in the back room for the girls and set up some of our bigger tree chunks (we have a large pile of unchopped firewood heaped right inside our gate) for seats and I cut the two crocuses that had bloomed and put them in a baby food jar, and the girls had a delightful little dining table. Of course, Greta just wanted to run around and Anja didn't want to eat at a table by herself, so the table didn't really get used.... but it looks cute and I think we'll keep it set up that way for the summer.

I am amazed at how much easier it is to get outside with both girls now that they are older. It helps that Greta walks so well. When Anja was her age, she was nowhere near walking. It also helps that Anja is such a big girl and that I don't have to carry her anymore. She just follows me around and she can carry stuff for me too, or carry her own stuff! And since I have been blessed with calm, mindful little girls, I can dart inside or around the corner of the house for something I need and not worry about either of them running away. It's pretty great! And I've gotten so much outside work done on these nice days.... it feels so great to be productive.

Today is going to be even nicer than yesterday and tomorrow is going to be more beautiful yet, so I imagine we'll spend most of our days outside. Unfortunately, Greta is not so into walks as Anja is. Greta is more "do" while Anja is more "observe" and so Greta spends most of a walk crying and trying to wriggle out of her stroller. Anja likes to ride on my back in the Ergo, which is great, but I'm not sure that Greta wouldn't do better if the places were switched. Anyway... at least we can play in the backyard as much as we want. Maybe today we'll even have a picnic lunch!


Dixiechick said...

Just wanted to delurk and say hi. Not sure how I found your blog, couple years ago maybe, but I have been reading you for awhile. Also wanted to say I am a Hatke too, by marriage. My in-laws are Dick and Jean Hatke, who used to own the Hatke Market in Stockwell. I am married to Keith. Not sure if you know them, but when I mentioned your blog to my mother in law, she seems to know your family. Anyway, you are a wonderful blogger and you have a terrific little Happy Spring! From one Lafayette resident to another!

Anonymous said...

Hi to Dixiechick...this is Annie's dad, the other Gene Hatke. Yes, I know Dick and Jean well. We are actually related to each of them independently, one on each side of the family.

Dixiechick said...

Hi, Gene...well, that is awesome! Small little world, huh? Hi, Annie..hope you have a great weekend!