Monday, March 15, 2010

Takes the Funny Right Out

So, you know how sometimes an annoying situation happens, and sure, it's frustrating at the time, but almost immediately afterward you can laugh about it? That's how the laundry soap story was yesterday. Sure, I went through the rest of the day needing a shower to get the mucky detergent out of my hair, and sure our carpet is going to be extra gross until we rip it up (but who cares, since it's really only the dog's space anyway?), but overall, NOT a big deal.

But then I went to switch out the laundry later in the night--all the stuff I'd been wearing that I had thrown into a load ready to go in, and for some reason, threw some other non-related stuff in too. Chalk it up to my flustered state and trying to corral the kids and dog while cleaning up the mess, I suppose.... I'm not sure why my new repurposed tank top and the skirts I made for the girls this weekend ended up in with all that other stuff. But it did. And in the load was the shirt I'd been wearing, which was dark purple and had never been washed, and of course, bled. And what did it ruin out of the entire load? My newly repurposed tank top and the skirt I'd made for Anja. It didn't touch Greta's skirt.... because Greta's skirt was crappily made in 20 minutes and already falling apart!!! But Anja's skirt, which was really cute and I'd spent a lot of time on, is now soiled with purple stains. However. She is a two-year-old, and nobody has to know that it got ruined after only one wearing. It was bound to get stained anyway sooner or later, and it is not completely unwearable.... it just looks like a toddler's stained skirt, which is not anything horrible. But the tank top, I'm afraid, WAS completely ruined and is now unwearable. I will have to cut it up again and use it for something else. A quilt, or maybe a pretty pillow. Sad, I know.

And I have to comment that my sister did generously offer me their rented steam cleaner to clean up the mess detergent mess on the carpet. I declined , since the carpet is needing to be replaced anyway and hopefully that will be happening sooner than later. I think it's ok to talk about now because I saw it on facebook, Sarah and Andrew are putting their house on the market! So if you're wanting to live downtown (an awesome place to live) in a cool house (VERY cool, in fact--I used to live there myself!) check it out!

In other news, I woke up with a swollen eye that I can't figure out. And last night after I discovered the laundry mishap, Martin kindly sent me out with my newly arrived Country Living magazine to the coffee shop where I got to sit and enjoy myself with a hot cup of coffee for a nice long while. I love new magazines! I have found that subscriptions are cheap and are TOTALLY worth the tiny amount of money for the joy that every month's arrival brings.

I am still considering making the girls' Easter dresses. I think a run to the fabric store might be on the agenda tonight.... maybe I'll find something perfect..... but probably not, since any time I go to the fabric store with my children it turns out to be an all-around bust. Well, maybe we'll try anyway. I'm thinking pastoral prints and eyelet trim......

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Clare said...

You must make Easter dresses!!! And I can post them on my blog! haha!

I am so sorry for your tank top, it was SO AMAZINGLY CUTE!!!!!!! I guess it was too bad to try and Oxi Clean it? Kind of funny how one disaster leads to another! lol. Hope your Week gets better!!!