Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lucky Finds

Score! I just found a stash of fabric in my closet (okay, it's really the girls' closet, but it's quickly being overtaken by my crafting supplies) and in it might be some suitable fabric for Easter dresses! And if I don't get dresses made in time for Easter, I don't have anything to worry about because last night while waiting for Martin to get done with an extra long appointment (he was at work until almost 6:30!) the girls and I ran to Once Upon a Child where I found, for a decent price (not a steal, but a decent deal) a dress in Anja's size that is exactly like a dress that Anja wore last year which is now about Greta's size. They are really cute dresses, and I was sorry that the one last year didn't fit Anja for very long before she outgrew it. Also, they are pretty, but not over-the-top fancy, so they'll still be able to wear them on Sundays all throughout the summer. Hooray!

Yesterday's weather was gorgeous and today is even better. Greta has fallen into a weird sleep schedule (yet again) so she is napping now, and when she wakes up we'll all take a little walk someplace. While she's been sleeping I have been cleaning the house for her party on Saturday (everyone's invited... sorry we haven't gotten any formal invitations out) and working on the doll I'm making for her. I'm not going to stress about getting it done before Saturday. Her birthday isn't until Monday and I think I'd rather give it to her then anyway, since it'll be so awful looking that I'm embarrassed for anyone else to see it!

Also at OUAC last night I got each girl a sunhat for the summer. Anja loves hers so much she wore it to bed, but Greta won't keep hers on for more than twelve seconds. Still, cute!

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