Friday, March 19, 2010

Snip, Snip, Cover Up

Yesterday after working WAY too long trying to get my hair into two lumps, I gave up and took a pair of scissors to my head. It was refreshing and liberating, and I snipped three or four inches, taking my length up to my shoulders. Goodbye, dry hay! Hello, normal, healthy-ended locks! It's by no means a "good" haircut, but I expect I could wear my hair down and not get any weird looks. Anyway, it's much more manageable now and since it had been almost year since my last haircut, I'd say I was about due for one.

And then this morning I got dressed. Yesterday I realized with certainty (I'd been suspecting for awhile, but always second-guessed myself) that the zipper on my favorite jeans is shot. So I walk around with my fly down all day. Kind of a bummer. So from now on to wear these jeans I guess I'll just have to wear a shirt long enough to cover the zipper. Enter the new repurposed tank top which met both its birth and its demise last weekend! So the stains from the laundry mishap are mostly in the back and on the straps, so with a sweater, it's still wearable. And since yesterday my car actually DROVE ITSELF to Goodwill where I found a very cute purple hoodie sweater, I paired the tank with the sweater and with my broken zipper jeans---Nobody has to know how truly scummy my clothes are!!! A beautiful coverup. By the way, the purple sweater doesn't REALLY coordinate with my shirt.... only with the stains! But since there are hints of stain everywhere on the shirt you can kind of see how they coordinate without really knowing why. It's kind of amazing!

And in other news, Greta has been waking up too early for the past week or so. It's TERRIBLE. She's not really ready to be up so she's just a huge grouch all morning until her nap. Grrrr. Also, did I mention on here that she's getting more teeth? Her bottom side ones are coming in. Well, one of them is in, the other one looks to be just below the surface.

And speaking of Greta, tomorrow is her 1st birthday party! ...Which means today is filled with cleaning up and baking. I'd better get scootin'!

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