Monday, March 29, 2010

The Time Has Come

Today's the day. I just checked the weather forecast, and it's supposed to warm up! It looks like Spring is here to stay.... for the most part. So I will begin today the colossal task of sorting the girls' clothes. A box will be of clothes to be made into their little quilts. A box will go to Goodwill... or the trash.... or somebody else with small children.... and a box will go under the bed to replace the SPRINGTIME CLOTHES BOX that will come out and be put away in drawers. And from now on, I will fold and put away the girls' clothes in a timely manner and not just let heaps and heaps of laundry fill (I'm not even joking) the bedroom. I haven't seen the floor in that room for weeks and I'm seriously afraid of what might be under the clothes. Ants. Spiders. Monsters. Children I've forgotten I had. There could be ANYTHING lurking under those piles!

We had a quiet, rainy weekend. Went to 4:30 mass on Saturday with the intention of hitting confessions beforehand, but of course, the way we roll around here, that didn't happen. Instead of going to confessions at 3:00, Martin drove a very cranky Greta to sleep (I think she's STILL teething. That is the only explanation I can think of.) while Anja and I went to the library after having been at Barnes & Noble earlier in the day to look around and not getting a certain puppy touch-and-feel book led to MAJOR two-year-old fits.... it was absolutely necessary that we go to the library to look for dog books. We spent a long time there, came home with a huge pile of books, and walked over to St. Boniface to meet Martin and Greta there for Mass, where we stood in the back the entire time with both girls being absolutely psychotic. Not the best start to Holy Week, but what can you do.

I've got some plans for Easter baskets--some for this year, some for next. Had I thought of it just two or three days before I did, I could have grown real grass in our Easter baskets. That is DEFINITELY what I'm going to do next year, and in fact, I might just buy a flat of grass to fill our Easter baskets with on Sunday. This would be so much better than plastic Easter grass for so many reasons, the biggest being that we wouldn't have to pull strands of green and pink plastic out of Theodore's, um, rumpus, all Spring. Ugh. THAT was disgusting. Also, real grass in an Easter basket just sounds cute. I've been working on some felt eggs in which will be a few little surprise, both yummy and cute. I've made two so far and are waiting for them to dry right now as I make more. I'm excited! I always loose my plastic eggs (another Theodore problem) so maybe having something nice like this will motivate me to keep better track of them. Of course, Theodore also has a sort of obsession with wool, so I'll probably be having my own Easter egg hunt when it comes time to put the baskets away. I'll find them all upstairs in his bathtub with all the other stuff he's thieved away from me.... including whole skeins of Noro yarn! Grrrr.

That "Rhythm of the Home" link is kind of fun, but she's a little extreme. I got a little annoyed reading the comments on one of her posts. I like natural living and simple living, and all that goes along with it, but when people start talking with the attitude that their way of life makes them better than other people, it really makes me lose respect for them. You might think your way of living is best.... but that doesn't mean you can think that YOU are the best. An in fact, your may of living may not actually BE the best for somebody else. Arg.

On a completely different note, Anja is really into matching lately! Very fun. I intend to make her some kind of matching game, sort of like Memory, except not so advanced.... just like a little jar full of various shapes and colors that have multiple ways of matching up..... I dunno. Anyway, she's cute.

And here are some ninja pictures from our weekend!

As you can see, my favorite kind of pictures of myself are the kind where you can't see my face!

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Anonymous said...

I just knew it Annie! You have left the Faith and joined the Muslims! No wonder you don't eat hotdogs!
Love, Mama