Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good Morning, Saturday

Our coffee maker seems to be on its way out. This is a BAD THING. Now on the one hand, I think that coffee makers are supposed to last longer than three years. But on the other hand, this coffee maker has been used multiple times daily for the last three years. And in the past two years, it's pretty much been working for us constantly. We've tried everything we can think of--giving it multiple vinegar brew cycles, cleaning out the filters, etc., and it still WORKS, but there's something wrong. Instead of ten minutes to brew a pot of coffee, it takes about an hour and beeps the whole time. We looooooooove our coffee pot. The Watsons gave it to us as a wedding gift, and it was one of the gifts we were most excited about. It's served us well. If it is indeed needing to be replaced, I think we're going to go to McDonalds and see if we can buy one of their industrial sized ones for a discount. Maybe they'll throw in the decaf machine for free!
If anyone ever wonders why my cooking/baking sometimes doesn't work out, the above picture is a clue. I have a lunatic for a sidekick. An interesting new development in her language skills is that she's stopped saying "yeeeaaaahh" and has started saying "ja!" Very funny.

Whenever we get packages in the mail we save the packing paper, iron it up and keep it for some kind of later use. (What was that? Did you say "pack rat"?") Yesterday I taped a big piece to the floor and let the girls color. Greta is not very good at coloring and we have to watch her to keep from eating the crayons, but she is slowly starting to get the idea! I think if we had those crayon rocks or something similar--something other than a stick--she'd be a little more successful.

I'm really eager to have a dressup box in this house. Anja would LOVE a dress up box. Right now we have a falling-apart basket under the bed that she rarely even finds, and the only things in it are some halloween costumes. But she dresses herself up all day long--for example, the other day she insisted that she and Greta wear Christmas clothes. And we've got these rabbit ears headbands that are constantly being worn by both of them. I just think they'd have so much fun with a dressup box, and I think it's kind of a must-have anyway.... it's just that we have NO PLACE to put one. Well, another thing to look forward to when we have a playroom, I guess.
This box--which is currently storing my sewing stuff and fabric--would make the perfect dress up box. And as for sewing storage, it's pretty rotten. It's better than garbage bags, but not a lot.

And other than that, we're waiting out the last of the winter weather, trying not to kill each other.

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Clare said...

I have seen a few people use old, thrifted suitcases as dress up storage! I think that would be great! Also, if you are looking for a new coffee pot... I highly recommend a chemex... but you do have to boil water and poor it over the coffee. It is a bit of a pain, but you get really, good coffee. Better than most coffee shops!

So thats my 2 cents! :) Your kids are adorable! Maybe we should get Isabel and Greta together for a crayon eating party! lol. Happy Weekend!