Friday, March 5, 2010

Dressing with Children

I find getting dressed to sometimes be really frustrating since having children. I can either wear something loose-fitting and look pregnant, or wear something more fitted, which shows those unfortunate belly leftovers, and look... pregnant. *sigh* I look at those skinny sorority girls who are able to wear the empire-waist shirts that just drape over their bellies and could very well BE maternity shirts, and I think, "I hope you know what you've got!!!" Oh well. Today I am wearing a very cute, but not very flattering top with my bulky brown sweater over it. I guess it doesn't matter if I look preggo though, since probably nobody will see me anyway.

Although, we might take a walk this afternoon, if the high gets high enough!! Anja has croup and I think a cool-air walk would help her little cough. She's such a good girl. Last night she would wake up barking and one of us would take her out bundled in quilts to sit on the porch swing. After awhile we'd ask her if she wanted to go back to bed, and she'd say yes, and off we went back to bed. I would like to say to anyone who told us (or thought it and didn't say it aloud) that we were ruining our child's life by instilling poor sleep habits that she is turning out to be a FINE sleeper. So, ha.

Anyway, we might take a walk over to Alley Flowers for a little bouquet for the kitchen table. I feel it needs a little sprucing up since we shoved it over to make room for THE NEW PLAY KITCHEN FOR THE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!! I will admit that it was delivered yesterday and we couldn't even wait for the weekend to set it up. Martin set it up at 10:00 last night so Anja could wake up to it as a surprise this morning. I know, I know, we have NO will power. But I have to say... it was awfully fun to see her excitement this morning when she came down and saw it. And then later when Greta woke up, it was the first thing Anja wanted to do, introduce her to their new kitchen. And it looks adorable in the corner, and Martin rearranged some of our kitchen things, like our potato crock and basket of utensils-that-don't-fit-anywhere-else. Everything looks very good, except the table. I think I'm in the market for a new kitchen table.... smaller... square... not crappy.... If it's warm enough on our walk, maybe we will come home by way of the antique store and just pop in to see what they have. Although my budget is more "side of the road" than antique store. It's worth a gander anyway.

I am crotcheting a rag rug for their little kitchen. I think it'll be finished today. Also, Anja's finished dress turned out to be pretty cute! Now on to the matching outfit for Greta, and maybe a few more simple dresses and we'll be all set for Spring.

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Clare said...

I so want to make lots of clothes for my girls for Spring. Thus far, I have completed NOTHING!! Except skirts I made last year. And I was completely thinking that I need to make the girls garden frocks! Looks like you beat me to it! lol. Can't wait to see pictures!!!!!!! :) Have fun eating pretend creations!