Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Family, Repurposed!

I am learning that sewing is much like guitar playing. You just have to feel it. So when I saw an XL sized button down shirt in cute cotton fabric at Goodwill the other day, I felt the cute floral tank top that was living inside. A few snips and stitches, and here it is.

Unfortunately, also like my guitar playing, I'm afraid I will always be mediocre and sloppy when it comes to sewing. I get in a hurry, I don't always finish my seams, I am absolutely terrified of patterns.... I never learned to read music so my music skills are limited. I'm too afraid to learn to use a pattern, so my sewing skills are destined to be the same way.

But on the same trip to Goodwill I found a brown sweater, inside which I could feel the souls of a new pair of pants:

...And a matching dress:
Okay, sewing for Anja would be a lot cooller if she would actually wear what I made her. I had to bribe her just to put this dress on so I could take a picture of it.... and as you can see, she is actively taking it off as I snapped this one and only photo of it.

Another matchy-matchy project features a pair of brown linen pants for G:
(Here is the outfit that Anja chose to wear INSTEAD of the matching dress I made for her):
Later, we added some argyle socks.
Here Greta is modeling both things. Anja's dress and her pants. Good old Greta.
Martin didn't get anything out of this week's sewing extravaganza. I guess I could offer him the discarded sleeves from the button down, but I'm not sure he has any accessories that would go well with them. Or I could take the neck of the sweater and make it into a funny hat! Hmmm....


Anonymous said...

Wow, Annie! You are so talented. i wouldn't even dream of trying to make something without a pattern! I think it might be against the law for a daughter to be a better crafter than her mama. Just saying.

I can't help but laugh when Anja won't wear the stuff you want her to. I guess what goes around comes around!

Love that belly shot of Greta!

Love, Mama

Anne said...

Patterns or no, you're doing an awesome job!!! Love the pictures.

LauraSuz said...

Greta's pants are so cute - both pairs!

I'm not a fan of patterns either. My mom has tried to teach me how to use them but I get rather frustrated. I'm all for making the ideas in your head come to life.