Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rainy Day Play

I know I keep talking about the girls' kitchen, but really, it's the big news around here these days. This morning I put together a little banner for decoration for them. Right now it's hung up with Scotch tape. Actually... right at this very moment it's lying in the little sink because it fell down... again. Hopefully soon it'll get hung up properly.
This is just the closer version of it. I realize the 'C' looks a little hairy... maybe I should remedy that. It was a good way to use up some fabric scraps, of which I have soooooooooo many! Greta loves the kitchen just as much as Anja does. In fact, Martin and I were talking tonight about how fun Greta is becoming. (Okay, okay, we talk about that every night.) But really! She mimicks Anja so much and is SO adorable, and really is starting to play. She is very independent in ways. Yesterday (yesterday was 70 degrees!) when Martin got home from work we took a walk across the bridge. On the way home we let the girls walk across the bridge, and when it was time to strap up and go home, Greta DID NOT want to go. She was not happy in the wrap, she was not happy in the stroller, and so Martin carried her home in his arms and she STILL screamed almost the entire way and tried to get free and walk. And maybe it'll be different in the real summertime, but this was early springtime weather. As soon as the sun went down we were all freezing and Anja was begging for a bottle and falling asleep in the wrap! Anyway, Greta is a real mover and shaker. She loves to dance. As soon as music comes on, she scrambles to her feet so she can do her little bouncy dance.
The absolute cutest thing Greta does though, is when you give her a baby doll. She will coo at it and hug it and now she's even started patting it! And granted, it looks more like she is beating it while sucking on its head, but I know maternal instincts when I see them. She is SO SWEET. Both of these girls are so sweet. Greta knows how to treat her baby dolls because she watches Anja who is SO good to her dolls all day long. Other than changing clothes, I think that's what Anja does most often during the day--care for her dolls. It's really lovely.
Another lovely thing was today's rain. I had imagined some quiet indoor time (I made a felt board in the morning and started cutting out shapes but didn't get very far, and Anja didn't really seem too thrilled with the entire thing, so I put it away for later) but Anja had different ideas. She wanted to draw with sidewalk chalk, so while Greta was taking her afternoon nap, Anja and I had some quality porch time. She had gotten her Magic Cabin catalogue in the mail and I had my Mothering magazine, so we took our magazines outside and had a really great time. Anja is SO GOOD. She likes to run up and down the driveway, and she always knows to turn onto the sidewalk instead of running into the street. (I think it really helps that our driveway and sidwalk are light colored and the end of the driveway that goes to the road is dark.) She has never run into the street, or even near it. What a good girl! Anyway, while we were out there it started to rain and Anja was amused by that. Then it started to absolutely pour and all these mud puddles grew in the sidwalks, and what's a girl to do on a rainy spring day but jump in the mud puddles?
I'm not sure these overalls will ever be the same! But she had a lovely time, and it was only a matter of minutes after changing into warm, dry clothes that I found her like this:
The cat had been there moments before. (P.S. in case there's never been a picture posted of it, that is the cat quilt I made her for Christmas from that kit my mom bought for me. It's really cute and the middle is that cat print, surrounded by squares, and some of the squares are furry!)
So anyway, we had a really nice day. Anja still went down not long after her normal bedtime, so our time spent playing in the rain must've really worn her out!
During Greta's morning nap I finished the pants for her that match Anja's brown dress. Hopefully there will be pictures soon. I love sewing with Anja. She sits in a chair next to me and helps me snip the threads while she plays with various things from my sewing box like ribbons, elastics, and stuffing. She is such a good little companion.
I don't know if it's here to stay, but I'm awfully happy for this appearance of Spring!


Clare said...

It is rainy here today, and I think you inspired me to put my girls in their overalls this afternoon to play in the rain and in the mud and creek!! We have been stuck inside too, too long!

I love the little rug by the way! Apparently it makes a nice napping spot! I really should spruce up the area by our kitchen. Have you thought of making pot holders and little hooks on the wall? I think that would be adorable!

Annie said...

I'm glad we could be of some inspiration! Those overalls are soaking in the washing machine right now, but my hopes are not very high for their revival, lol!

We do plan to hang hooks and a shelf. She has one little checkered pot holder and I plan to make a few little cutesy dishtowels for her. I'm so excited!!!!

You inspired me to add PortabelloPixie to my list of links! SO CUTE!!

I'm going to go comment on your blog now.

Clare said...

LOL, so I was going to go out after Isabel's nap, but now she won't take one, so I don't want to tire her out or she will take a late nap and be super cranky all evening and not sleep until 11pm. So... I am riding out the storm and letting the girls play on the porch. We will get wet when we are no longer sick. That would be wise.

But it did look like SO MUCH FUN!!!

I can't wait to see your little shelf and things!! I am so glad you have a laptop! I can actually spy on you again! Thanks! :)