Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I Don't Understand

Here's what just happened in our kitchen yesterday:

Greta was sitting on the floor, just sitting there doing nothing. Anja came over and gave her a gentle hug. Greta screamed. Anja backed off, then leaned back in for a gentle kiss. Greta screamed. Then Anja leaned back and proceeded to stick her feet (wearing her hot pink shoes, of course) into Greta's mouth and Greta thought it was HILARIOUS.


And speaking of Greta, she's a real grouch lately. Given that she's already got about five and a half teeth (I can see that sixth one...) I am guessing she's teething. AGAIN. She also keeps chewing on her hands, primarily on the opposite side of her mouth from where her new teeth have come through. Which only makes sense, I guess.

I have some major projects in mind that I want to do and know I don't have time for. Ugh. One is an applique alphabet quilt. Seriously, like I have time to do that. Maybe for my grandkids. I have it all planned out though, and its finished size would be HUGE, and it would be wonderful, with one block being a letter, the next being a simple shape to stand for the letter, like B, next to one of those fabulous bird silhouettes that are popular and adorable. And speaking of popular, I knew that owls have always been cute, but they are REALLY "in" right now! Target has the MOST adorable bedding set (more than that, actually, but the bedding is what I saw first) with a comforter that is a simliar print as the fabric line that I bought a few fat quarters of and that Clare posted about not too long ago as well. Then more recently I saw that they have these stick-on wall motifs of a big tree with cutesie owls. SO ADORABLE!!! It makes me really, really, really, really, really want a play room for the girls. *sigh* Definitely by next winter, we will all be moved around and our current bedroom will be their playroom.... but A LOT of projects have to come together and be completed before then. Oh well; we have all summer before we'll need the woodstove (which is the main project--along with all projects that will make it possible to install that.)

Another big craft project taking form in my mind is more do-able, but takes some organization--something I'm REALLY lacking. I scored on some pink chenille fabric from the remnants bin at JoAnn's the other night--a perfect amount for the back of two square, child-sized quilts. So I'd like to clear out all the baby clothes and decide for sure what is good enough to keep and cut the rest up to make a little quilt for each girl. I only wish I'd had this idea earlier--like, before I cleared out their clothes before Christmas and took a HUGE load of stuff to Once Upon a Child and Goodwill. Some of the things in particular were things I would have LOVED to keep as bits of a quilt.... like the outfit that Anja wore the day she met Greta for the first time, and was ALWAYS the outfit Martin put her in if he was the one to dress her. But... oh well.

Then the last thing I'm planning, which almost definitely will NOT get completed (or even started) is to knit a sweater for each of the girls for summer. Ha! This is about as likely to happen as the alphabet quilt, if we're being honest. But I'd love to knit them each a cotton sweater in a versatile color like grey or brown, to get them through any cool summer times so that I can put away ALL sweaters. Well.... maybe for the grandchildren.

Yesterday we made bean bags! Anja chose the fabrics, I sewed them up, and she scooped the rice into them. She did a great job! Later in the day when Greta was napping, Anja and I went outside and planted some sunflower seeds. I know how stupid this is going to sound, but I hadn't realized that sunflower seeds are sunflower seeds. When I opened up the packages I was SO surprised to see the same thing that we eat inside there! I guess I thought the things we ate were just CALLED sunflower seeds, and that actual seeds for growing sunflowers looked different. How stupid can I be?!?!? Anyway... we planted three packages along the south fence in the backyard, so hopefully they grow. I hope we at least get one so Anja can feel like she's succeeded.

This post was written yesterday, but I never posted it. Maybe I'll have more to say later today!

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