Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Week Begins

I recieved my order of diaper covers in the mail today! That is very exciting, mostly because I didn't expect them until much later in the week, considering I never got a shipping notification in my inbox. But hey, I'm not complaining! I went with Thirsties brand. Actually I got three Thirsties and three Bummis originals. I'm excited! So far, no leaks! They fit Greta really well... which is why I went with them, because the two other people I know of who've had success with them have slightly heftier babies---like G!

Our weekend was sunny and relaxing. Hope all the daddies had a good Fathers Day! I tried making Martino a good big breakfast, but I forgot to buy the bacon I'd intended to buy for him and then the pancakes didn't really turn out... at all. So he just got eggs. Oops. I think it's safe to say he's had better breakfasts every weekend of his married life than he did on Fathers Day. Oh well. The girls and I gave him a cordless drill--something he's been wanting and needing, but wasn't likely to buy for himself. When he opened it, Anja saw the box and said "Don't open it or I will cry" and then she ran from the room crying. She is SO TERRIFIED of electronic things. She totally freaks out when they make their noises. (Or when they don't, as was the case yesterday.) Anyway. Martin's family came over to celebrate here with the makings for banana splits and for a dinnertime cookout we went up to my parents' house. And I made a carrot cake and mini carrot cupcakes for the festivities!

This morning the Marmalejos stopped by on their way back toward Virginia. They dropped off some homemade cherry jam which I am soooo looking forward to tasting. Instead of baking the usual buttermilk bread today I tried the homemade bagel recipe that Jill had posted awhile back. So far it's been about three hours and I'm still waiting for the dough to rise. Hmm.... I think I messed it up. So now instead of making bagels in the place of bread, we still have nothing. Haha! Maybe I'll make the regular buttermilk bread later this evening. We're supposed to get more storms coming through this evening and it's been my experience that storms are cozier with a cup of tea and a piece of buttered bread right out of the oven. Mmm mm mm.

Now we're off to the library to look for more Petra Mathers books because they are SO WEIRD, but we all love them.


LauraSuz said...

Can I just say Greta's bum looks adorable!

Clare said...

Thirsties are great! They seem to last a while, although Isabel likes to pull hers off if she doesn't have a cover over them. The velcro gets less sticky 2 kids later! But they really are adorable, and we have that same shade of green! :)