Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Does anyone else have the problem of having one (or more) children who are perfectly normal and happy, and one who just never stops screaming/whining/crying? Greta seems to have grown from a fairly happy (not joyful, but I would say average) baby into the most unhappy toddler I've ever met. I kind of can't believe how much she screams. I've spent most of my time since about Christmas feeling sorry for her and giving her many excuses. Teething, tummy aches, etc. But now I'm just getting worn down by her. And I feel so sorry for Anja... Anja, who builds things and wants to show me, but I have to shout my praise to her in order to be heard over Greta's screaming. Anja, who has become a better sleeper BECAUSE Greta spends so much time screaming. Anja who was such a difficult baby, but grew into such a GREAT toddler that we've been saying for months about Greta "just wait until she can crawl/walk/communicate. Remember how great Anja got when she hit that milestone?" And as these milestones come and go, she just becomes more and more difficult to the point where it's really hard for us to even leave the house.

Yesterday we drove down to McCormicks Creek and on the way down we stopped at the Conservation Club so Martin could shoot for a few minutes. The girls and I went toad hunting by the ponds. (We didn't find any.) On the way from the car to the ponds there is a fork in the drive that begins the exit, which goes up past the clubhouse and back around. We weren't going that way because that's not where the ponds are. Greta started up that way while Anja and I went straight and I turned back and said cheerfully, "C'mon, G! The pond is this way!" She threw herself down on the ground screaming and crying. This is the kind of sensitive she is. And she does this everywhere we go. In the yard, in the stores, in the car, at church, in the living room.

Does anyone else have this problem? And if anyone has, does it ever end?!

Less complainy post coming later, with pictures from the weekend!


Clare said...

Isabel is the same way. I have heard it is a second child thing!!! It is so maddening. Isabel is such a grump too... she just fusses all day! I hope they grow out of it soon!!

Anonymous said...

If it is a "second child thing" then the trend seems to be present in our house as well. I was able to distract or calm our first rather easily. Bernadette just yells! And she likes to do things herself. I opened the car door for her yesterday. She yells "no! mama, I do it myself!" She shuts the door. And opens it again: herself. She cried real tears just this afternoon when I tried to cut her sandwich in half. I have no idea why she did not want it cut today. But she did make it very clear she did not want it cut! Anyway, she will out grow it soon...at least the yelling, hopefully! She is almost 2 and a half!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it IS second child syndrome. Sarah was my screamer. Father Borawski even called her
Screaming Sarah"! I don't think she does it anymore, though. So see.....it will pass.....it just seems to take forever.
Love, Mama
PS She IS almost 30, though, so you might have a longer wait than you anticipate.

Sarah said...

It's called GIRL. Both of my girls are like this. Grace still is and she is 6. And you know both of them can throw fantastic fits!

Ann in LA said...

My Greta does this, despite being a first child. Screaming, arching her back when you pick her up so her head hits the floor, and banging her head into the wall when she's frustrated. It has not gotten better, but it has to at some point... please!!!