Monday, June 28, 2010

Fiddle Me This

Well, we definitely had one of the most relaxing Fiddlers' Gatherings in the past few years! The weather was great. It was pretty hot, but we set up in the shade and there was a nice breeze and we were away from the main crowd and everyone was happy. The girls were happy just to be out there, and the bands were great. We saw all the typical friends and drank a couple of lemon shakeups. A good weekend!

You might remember some weeks ago when Martin and I purchased a pair of window unit air conditioners--one for the downstairs, one for the upstairs--from Craigslist. Well the one upstairs was really old. I mean, ANCIENT. I figured it'd get us through the summer at least, and Martin thought we might get a couple of summers out of it. And it did the job fine, even if it was really ugly and had unlabeled knobs. We got it set to a nice cool temperature and as long as nobody touched it, it was fine. But then it started making these clunking noises in the night. And then the clunking turned into more of clunky-wheezing and went on all the time. It got so bad that it would wake Martin up in the night and he'd go downstairs to sleep on the couch! Well, on Sunday after Fiddlers' we went straight up to the river and didn't get back home until late. Both girls were asleep, I got Greta inside and succeeded in keeping her asleep, then got upstairs to our OVEN and realized the a/c was broken. Boooo. Martin was just coming in with a sleeping Anja. We put Anja on the couch and I nursed and walked around with Greta to keep her asleep while Martin switched the upstairs broken unit with the downstairs really nice one. Except it wasn't THAT easy. First, when he took out the old unit from the upstiars, he found an infestation of ants in the windowsill. By the way he described it, I am REALLY glad I wasn't there. I'm feeling my skin crawl just thinking about it now. After cleaning up that nastiness, he cut his hand while bringing the air conditioner downstairs, so then he was bleeding everywhere. Eventually everything got where it needed to go and all was good. But still... gee whiz.

And now we are entering The Most Beautiful Week in History. Sunny and high 70's every day this week?! Yes, please!!

My posts feel incomplete without photos. Boo. I did find Martin's old digital camera though (it's really big!) and I'm still trying to figure out how to take a picture with it. So far I've gotten a black screen and a white screen, but that's all I can find. Hmmm... well, hopefully I'll be back with pictures soon!


LauraSuz said...

Your post titles always remind me that you're a song writer at heart.

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