Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Condensed Work Week

Martin is participating this year in the offered "Condensed Workweek" at Ivy Tech. Instead of working his regular 8-5 five days a week, he works 7:30-6:30 and has every Thursday off. When we were deciding whether or not to do this, it seemed completely obvious that it would be nothing but good... the time he has to leave for work, when he takes the car, is the same time he has to leave in the morning to catch the early bus. So that was no change. And since he often stays a little late at work anyway (and always on Mondays), the 6:30 end time didn't seem so bad either.

But then our crazy daughters decided that they were going to start waking up at 5:00 every morning. They've done it every day this week! We try to get them back to sleep and they end up coming downstairs at about 6:00. This is very bad. Because not only does it make for ZERO morning for me and make Daddy late for work, but then I have to deal with The Grouchiest Anja in the World until 6:30. YIKES! So we're hoping this little phase improves soon. Tomorrow is the first Thursday off so we're looking forward to that. It is a nice breakup of the week.

Yesterday the girls and I had a surprisingly big and pleasant day. We went for a little walk in the morning, down to the Farmers Market and up to K.Dee's to return Kim's tuner that he left here last week. Greta was awesome for the entire walk, riding in the Mei Tai. When we arrived home though, Anja was NOT happy to be there. So instead of staying home, we walked across the library parking lot to the trolley stop and took a trolley on its loop around town. It was really fun! Anja is the kind of child for whom pointless outings were invented. She LOVED it. I don't think she said a word the entire time, but just looked out the window. Whenever anyone else was getting off at a stop, I'd ask her if she wanted to get off and she never did, but then when we got back to the library stop, she hopped off without a single protest. Greta made it most of the ride being happily occupied with my cell phone, but just as we were coming over the river she decided she'd had enough. Luckily it was only a few blocks from our stop.

After the trolley ride Greta took a nap and Anja started begging to go to the library. Martin came home for lunch and as he was leaving we went to the library. I'm never sure if Anja has fun at the library.. she loves to get the books, but she gets a little freaked out by all the other people there and yesterday it was PACKED since now it's summer vacation. She doesn't like it when other little kids talk to her. She actually is kind of a judger, I think. And once again, Greta stayed occupied with my cell phone. She calls my phone "daddy." That's pretty frightening, if you ask me.

It's raining right now but it's supposed to clear up in the afternoon. I wonder where the day will take us!

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Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

That is so cute! I remember once bumping into Anna and her kiddos on the Trolley!