Saturday, June 5, 2010

Punk Rock Anja

Martin was recently asked by one of his co-workers to take care of a little coyote problem. To say that Martin was excited by this opportunity is an understatement. And look--a rare peek into his secret Man Room! This is only a sliver of the wreck it is... what you can't see are the horse stall mats, kettlebells and weight bars, various pieces of workout equipment and hunting paraphernalia. A funny room where I rarely go... unless it's just to drop a pile of his stuff right inside the door while I'm cleaning up. I think it's important for a husband to have a room to himself where he doesn't have to worry about keeping it clean or putting things away. To be fair, Martin often will spend a chunk of time in his Man Room organizing and cleaning up, which is fine, but it's not like he feels pressured by me to do so. Anyway, I hope he gets some of those nasty coyotes today. He was telling me about them yesterday, saying that they hang around while big animals (cows, deer, etc) give birth and then steal and eat the babies. How sick is that!?

Moving right along...

I posted last time about my new book, Carefree Clothes for Girls, and the headscarf I made for Anja. Well, Anja enjoyed looking through the book at the clothes and things, but the item she was really stuck on were the little girl model's boots. They were dark blue or black, looked like Doc Martens. She loved them. She asked to go to the store and buy some! Well, Martin looked on the internets but didn't find anything... and I thought it wouldn't hurt to just swing by Once Upon a Child and see if they happened to have anything that fit the bill, though I figured that they wouldn't. To my surprise, they DID! They had two black pair (not Doc Martens, but clunky) and two pink pair. I thought Anja would choose the shiny pink with black shoelaces, but instead she chose this nice pink pair of hiking boots.

She fell in love with the boots, and I fell in love with the thrift store price! A perfect match. The next morning the first think she said to me when she woke up was "pink boots."

I stayed up late the other night to make this dress, my first pattern project, and what I would call a success! I am hoping that it is more cute and folk-like than homemade and frumpy. I like to make clothes for my family but I don't want it to neccessarily LOOK like I'm making the clothes for my family.... if you know what I mean.
Coyote Update: He got one!

So anyway.... it looks pretty cute with her pink boots, and we are amused by her punk rockerishness. She's on track to be the youngest shopper at Amused.
And for dinner last night, we used a giftcard for a free pizza we had in our drawer. It was the perfect night for it! And the girls loooooooove pizza. I'm looking forward to making pizza with our garden ingredients in a month or so!

This morning Kim and I are playing music at the Farmers Market. I've been watching the radar and the rain seems to be breaking up a little bit for now... if it can just hold off until noon, that'll be great. Happy Weekend!


Clare said...

And our children don't live such different lives either! Anastasia LOVES her punky boots!!! Your dress looks really cute! I love the pocket! Really adorable!! :)

Anonymous said...

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