Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Visitor Day!

Yesterday we had the Marmalejo family down for a visit! Much fun was had by all. It was so much fun to see these two finally old enough to interact as little girls instead of babies:They played so sweetly together all day long... except for this one time when Anja told Anastasia to go away. But other than that, they played perfectly together and were SO GOOD and were even nice to the babies!

These two played sweetly together all day too:
Talk about a couple of peas in a pod! I think they really enjoyed their day of manliness including range time, grilling steaks, and a trip to Rural King.
Meanwhile, we ladies took a walk downtown. We made it all the way to the Plaza (not bad for two grownups vs. 4 children ages 3 and under) where the fountain was on! It was soooo hot... and the girls were getting sooooo cranky. It was the perfect day for a splash in a fountain. And then as we were approaching--as in, a matter of feet away from it--THE FOUNTAIN TURNED OFF. AND NEVER TURNED BACK ON. It was really kind of pathetic to watch the girls splash around in the puddles... but they seemed happy enough. I will be forever bitter.
So we went home and turned on the sprinkler. And then three out of four girls made poo-poo in their swimsuits! When the boys came back they could smell the explosions as soon as they came in the house. Bleh!

We got really dirty.....
Oh look, here are the fountain pictures:
These two are also peas in a pod:
They go around eating up the leftovers off everyone else's plates, and being grumpy. And then when they get tired, they run into things and fall down a lot.
Pink-Pink had a great time too...
And what would a summer day be without watermelon?!

It was so nice to have them here. And great that they were able to come on Martin's day off! Thanks for the visit, Clare and Nick!
In other news, it's going to be hot-hot-hot around here for the next few days, making me ever the more thankful that Martin picked up a kiddie pool at Rural King last night for a whopping $8. (Still cheap, but two dollars more than last year's!) I know it's lazy of me, but I think eight dollars is a worthy price to not have to scrub out and re-shape the plastic pool from last summer. I've given myself WEEKS to get that job done, and I'm glad Martin realized first what I was denying: It wasn't going to happen. Ever.
I'm definitely going to be making some carrot cake for this weekend's Fathers Day activities too. DEFINITELY.


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, those are the cutest pictures ever!! I LOVE when little girls hold hands!!!

Loan LyPham-Ferry said...

Great post! Do you have a cement area to put your pool? I was debating one but kinda worried about the round patch of dead grass that will result. If I pour it out every single time I use it...we'd flood the backyard!

I could just imagine your faces when you saw the fountain turn off! LOL! Poor girls!

Annie said...

Sarah, isn't it THE BEST?!? Anja will probably hold hands with Grace and Bella any time now--she's just gotten really into it. (But greta is not so cooperative.)

Loan, Oddly enough we do have a big cement patch where there once was a pond in our yard that was filled in before we bought the house. And even though I know for the sake of the grass I should put the pool there, I actually put the pool on the grass right NEXT to the cement because I worry about the girls falling on the cement floor rather than the soft grass floor. But you know what's the dumbest thing?! It really doesn't matter at all because they barely get in the pool at all! They mostly just lean over the edge and use it as a water tub. Haha!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

4 sweet little girls!

Clare said...

What a fun day! And BOO to fountains that turn off just before the fun begins! LOL So glad we got to spend the day with you guys! It was one of the highlights of our trip.