Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome, Avila Josephine!!

June 9, 2010
4:30-ish in the afternoon....

Avila Josephine Antonio! Okay, I know this picture of her is the slightest bit freaky, but trust me, she's super adorable. And soooo tiny!!
I think it's safe to say that Christopher thinks she's okay. (Translation: Christopher thinks she is the best thing EVER.)

Look how little she is!!!!!!! To tell the truth, she kind of freaked me out a little bit. It's been more than a year since I last held such a newborn baby and it seems I've kind of forgotten how!
So much for motherly instinct. (P.S. Ugh, check out that schnoz. One reason I don't like seeing pictures of myself is because I realize [again] that my face is mostly nose. And have you seen my husband?! Our poor children are doomed!)
First attempt of trying to get a picture of the girls with their new cousin. Anja wasn't having it. Greta will do anything for french fries, though.

Second attempt. Look how happy Greta is! She totally stole everyone's lunch. She's such a food stealer. As for Anja, she wasn't looking at the camera, so Martin said, "Anja, look up!" and this is what we got.

"Want some vanilla chai, Mommy?"
Afterward Anja and I walked up to Vienna while Martin and Greta drove up to meet us. See the cute feet in the stroller in the background? Anja fell asleep right as we got there.

"Fine. I'll just drink it all myself!"
It was just like old times walking up to Vienna and sitting on the patio having iced vanilla chai. We hardly ever go there anymore, but on a recent trip over with our friend Matt, Martin re-discovered the pleasantness of the patio in the summer time. It's quiet and shady, and especially on a Thursday afternoon, there's nobody around at all. Very nice.
And the other day Joannie came over! We took a little walk, went to McCords, then came back and let the girls run through the sprinkler for awhile. This is after Joannie had gone home, when Anja was still all wet and building a barn for her animals. She's gotten REALLY into blocks lately and it's very cute.

The light was so pretty, but I'm really thinking I need a nicer camera. I'm always bummed when I can't catch things the way they really look.
And here's this ugly bug that was on my car window the other day.
Talk about startling.

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Clare said...

Wow, Avila has SO MUCH HAIR! What a cutie! :)

We will be drivin' through your town tomorrow. I will honk as we go by... lol. Thursday sounds good, we will give you a call once we are settled and know what we are doing! See you SOON!