Monday, June 14, 2010

A is for Anniversary, B is for Birdseed

Four years ago today, Martin asked me to marry him! Here is a picture from the little get together and chocolate cake he surprised me with immediately afterward. I know that by the picture you'd think it was Martin and Joel who had just gotten engaged... but it was us. And it was such a fun night! Only one person, besides us, in that photo still lives in Indiana. *sigh*

Anyway, so we've been thinking and remembering this time all day long and it was a happy night. But then I got to thinking about our wedding, which led me to think of my wedding dress, which led me to think of other people's wedding dresses, which led me to think of birdseed, and I started wondering about the whole birdseed/bubbles thing. And the thing that gets me is, I can't understand WHEN that is supposed to happen and HOW the entire congregation/bridal party manages to get themselves outside BEFORE the bride and groom. I mean, when I think of the typical birdseed-throwing moment, the bride and groom are bursting through the chapel doors having just kissed for the first time as man and wife. Right? And the whole contents of the chapel are outside on the steps and sidewalk ready to chuck their birdseed at the newlyweds. Right?? So do all the guests just book it outside and get ready? Or do they hang around outside while pictures are taken and THEN throw the birdseed? And if that's the case, to the bride and groom recess in kind of a pretend way and come back in? Or do they recess by themselves, go around to a back door and hide while the guests leave and then when the guests are all situated with their bubbles outside THEN come bursting through the doors as kind of a reprise? I am so confused about this.

We got married at Christmas time. Birdseed or bubbles would've been weird. But I wonder about these things!

Please, please, please answer my question, any of you readers who can!


Anonymous said...

Here's a theory.
Maybe everyone hangs out outside while the bridal party have their photos taken. Then they crash outside to have seeds thrown at them!
Happy Anniversary! Luke proposed in September...the 29th.

Maryanne said...

I've been to so many weddings, but really can't remember how each one did it...We totally did it the "fake" way at mine. After Justin and I walked back down the aisle, we greeted all of the guests as they walked out the front doors of the church, thus letting everyone outside with said containers of bubbles. Then when we walked outside and down the church steps, people blew bubbles. But then we had to go back into the church to take pictures while everyone headed to the reception. Hehe very weird and awkward now that I'm thinking of it, almost seven years later.

Justin proposed to me on Christmas Eve 2002 right before we went to midnight Mass. Just thought I'd share that, too. =)

Joannie said...

Aw, that was a really fun night! It was fun to know you were getting engaged before you knew it, too.

Martin is so thoughtful.

I always wondered about that, too. I just saw a commercial where they were throwing rose petals in the air. And I had the same thought-- How does that really work? Maybe you could just hire a bunch of people off the street who aren't at the wedding.

LauraSuz said...

When we met with our photographer about pictures they asked us if we were doing a Fake Leave. We opted out because it seemed, well, fake. Back in the day I see it working though, when things were simpler.

Come visit soon!

Anonymous said...

Annie - you have to read this article - it made me want to throw-up. I would email it to you, but don't know your email address. Enjoy:

Your best friend (shhhhh...),