Friday, June 25, 2010

In the Good Old Summertime

This is one of my favorite things: We have had nothing but rain for the last few weeks, which means we've spent a lot of time indoors. Bleh. In the few and far between hours that it hasn't been raining buckets, it's been hot, hot, hot. But not a good hot... a sticky, icky hot that makes you feel like you need a shower after just walking past the screen door. But that's okay because little girls always find silly ways to entertain themselves.
Like climbing into laundry baskets

And on to table tops.

Yesterday was the first beautiful summer day in a long time.

I weeded out the old garden plot where I've planted some melons that don't look like they're going to grow. I'm considering making this into a fall harvest garden, but Martin pointed out that since we've never had much luck growing anything there (the new garden boxes are doing wonderfully) maybe we shouldn't count on it for a fall harvest. Well. He MAY have a point...
Anja was doing her own bit of gardening.

While Greta and I just sillied around. (She had just woken up and was kind of grumpy.
Yesterday was Thursday, which was Martin's day off! We ended up sleeping in a little bit, which is something we don't really like to do anymore. Martin typically wakes up before 5:00 every morning, so sleeping in until 8:30 really cuts a chunk out of his day. And for me, not waking up before the girls wake up cuts out a huge chunk of MY day. So our planned Day of Productivity actually turned out to be a day of mixed up naptimes and wasting time instead of doing yardwork. Oh well.

After dinner we walked down to hear the Citizens Band play at the Plaza. Yeah. It took us so long to get out of the house and walk the six blocks to the Plaza that they were finished playing AND most of the people were gone by the time we got there. So we just kind of played around.... we actually didn't do anything. Martin followed Anja around (who was really crazy all day) and I followed Greta around (who was really grumpy and demanding all day) and when we realized it was after 9:00 we started home.... and didn't get home until after 10:00. I'm not kidding! A normal walk from our house to the plaza takes about 7 minutes. With the girls it takes AN HOUR.
Oh well. Can you tell how flooded the river is in this picture?
For some reason, even with all the rain and knowing that the river was flooded, I was startled to see it so high. I have often thought about living in houseboat on the river.
This weekend is the Fiddlers Gathering!!!!! We cashed in our change jar and have plenty of spending moneys for the weekend. Anything leftover will go back to the change jar and be added to for Feast of the Hunters Moon money. Exciting!
It's funny, Martin having Thursdays off always makes Friday feel like Monday. It's a pleasant surprise to realize that the weekend is just a few hours away.
Happy Weekend!

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I can't wait for Fiddler's!