Sunday, June 13, 2010

Self Portrait Weekly

So I kind of slacked off in the "Self Portrait Tuesday/Wednesday" area, didn't I? I did it once and then kept forgetting on whatever designated day I had chosen (which now I can't remember if it was Tuesday or Wednesday) but today I don't seem to have anything interesting to say, so I thought I'd bring out this picture from our trip to Vienna last Thursday.

I was just reading the SouleMama Archives and she had a little post about breastfeeding. It made me want to post about it, even though I don't really have anything to SAY about it. Greta has been nursing now for about six months longer than Anja did. I can tell that we're past the "easy" time to wean and I tossed around the idea of weaning her around her first birthday, but then decided that was kind of pointless and selfish. I am not someone who adores breastfeeding more than any experience I've had in my life, but I do like it, especially parts of it. And I'm back to liking it a whole lot better now that Greta has quit biting me! (which was the main reason I was wanting to wean her a few months ago.... bleeding nippleoos is not a pleasant thing to endure on a daily basis and it sort of takes any "pleasantness" right out of the experience.) So anyway. We're back to nursing being a nice, cozy thing. It is her calm-down time and sometimes I wish Anja was still nursing so SHE could have that calm down time. (She definitely needed it yesterday... Somehow the Naughty Monsters slipped into her brain in the night and she spent the whole entire day doing things she shouldn't have been doing.) Anyway. My sister mentioned that nursing a newborn is kind of a funny thing after having nursed a baby into toddlerhood, and especially in looking at this picture, I'm seeing how that would be a VERY weird switch. I mean, half the time when Greta wants to nurse, she just stands there and I lean forward a little bit in my chair. Very un-newbornish.

Yadda yadda yadda.... really, I had nothing to say. Just wanted to post the picture and say that I'm happy to be nursing my baby into toddlerhood. She seems to enjoy it.

As for this weekend, Martin has been working in the Jungles since Thursday and making HUGE progress. So today he declared it a Funday-Sunday and we're headed over to Purdue to see if any fountains are turned on. If that is a bust, I think we'll try the petting zoo at the Park. But I really hope the fountains are on!


Anonymous said...

Annie: I know I tended to take the easy way for nursing, weaning, potty training, and on and on, but, really, when Greta is ready to stop nursing she will either give it up on her own or you will dry up. When in doubt, go for the no-hassle, no battle of wills way. So she nurses til she is 2 or 3 (like Sarah did).....who does it hurt? I'm so proud of you. You follow your instincts as a mother and disregard all of the nonsense floating around out there.
Love, Mama

Ben Hatke said...

Oh dear. I don't care who calls my hetrosexuality into question: I think that's a GREAT skirt! I like it almost as much as I like the little pocket dress you sewed!


Rebecca Rowan said...

I love your post about nursing! It isn't always the easiest or most pleasant thing but I am glad I nursed Emily till she was 21 months old and we weaned only then because I was pregnant and it was excruciating and she actually seemed ready. Anyway I just wanted to say there are some of us out that nurse our toddlers! I met a girl yesterday who told me she weaned all her babies at 6 months whether they were ready or not and it just made me feel sad for her and her babies.

LauraSuz said...

You probably won't see this because it was so long ago but I can't wait to nurse again. I didn't like it at first but I fell in love with nursing when we got the hang of it. MaryGrace weaned herself at about 14 months. Weaned herself - in the sense that if I didn't offer it she didn't even notice.

Hooray for nursing babies! I could totally see how nursing a toddler would be absolutely lovely.