Thursday, June 10, 2010


-I am SUPER excited to meet my new niece, Avila, born yesterday afternoon!!!!

-I know Anja is coming into her role as Big Sister because she's begun saying "Mommy says..." to Greta. And sometimes she lies.

-Is Martin's first day off in his new summer schedule! We'll see today if the long days are worth it. So far, I think they are.

-I found my debit card dangerously close to the toilet.

- I MUST clean out the kiddie pool, or buy a new one for approximately $6.

- I am really happy to have great old friends like Joannie, and good down-the-street neighbors who think of me and pick up needlework books for me from the free cart at the library! Thanks, Jennifer, if you're reading this!

- I am really, really, REALLY happy that summer is here. I love summer. I might even love summer more than I love cats. Well maybe not MORE, but they're certainly neck and neck.

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