Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Girls Do the Cutest Things

Some days around here are normal and average and pleasant. Some days are normal and average and leaning toward the not-so-pleasant side. Then there are days like today (which are happening more and more frequently as they get older) which are so full of cuteness that I literally don't even get the floor swept because I'm too busy watching these two goofballs be adorable!!! Some cute things of the day:

-Anja and Greta have begun chasing each other through the house laughing. It's amazing! They are such little kids now, not so much babies. *sigh* Adorable.

-Sometimes Greta (who still is a little bit Baby) accidentally plows through Anja's "setups", resulting in Anja screaming her head off and sometimes pinching/biting Greta to get her back. But always, almost immediately afterward, she will find something and give it to Greta and say so sweetly, "Here, Deh. Here's a [fill in name of toy] for you." Adorable.

-Anja had one of her baby dolls with her this morning and she was making it walk along with her. Then she said (all in the sweetest little voice imaginable), "Ready to go, baby! Hold hands, baby. Walk on the sidewalk, baby. [pointing] This is the sidewalk." She was in the kitchen. Adorable.

-Today before going for a run (goodbye, lovehandles!) I was doing a little bit of yoga and Greta got down on the floor and started doing Cat-Cow with me!!!!!! Adorable!!!

-Anja has started arranging her famous Mardi Gras beads and pretending that they are something... most often, she lays them on the floor to make individual circles, and then she puts her babies inside the circles and she says it's their carseat. Today she set everyone up, hopped into her own circle next to them and told me they were going to the store to go shoe shopping. Oh my gosh. Adorable.

-Also, in the same timespan of bead play, she set up a circle for "Deh" and insisted that Greta sit in it. I managed to get Greta to comply and once she sat she was very happy... and then Anja put her arm around her and they both smiled. Adorable.

-Greta loves to be in pictures and I can't even describe the way she smiles for a camera. But she looks like a crazy person.

-The other day we were going someplace and Anja ran up to Greta, reaching for her and saying "Hold hands! Hold hands, Deh!" Sadly, in her excitement and pulling on Greta's arm, Greta fell over and started crying. But it was still adorable.
-Anja wore a tiny ponytail in her hair yesterday for the first time. She is officially a big girl. I haven't quite decided what I think of that... but it IS adorable.

Okay, okay, okay, I'm done gushing about my kids now. Time to finally sweep the floors!


Joannie said...

Your girls ARE adorable. Whenever I think of Anja on that walk with us, making her baby doll walk too, it cracks me up all over again.

Ooh, was her hair in a little fountain on top of her head!?

陽峰 said...
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