Thursday, September 13, 2007

Apple Cider, Anyone?

Today I talked to Martino on the phone while he was making a 2 hour drive from one highschool to another. He was going to stop at a Starbucks and get a cup of coffee and relax because he was reaching his destination town about an hour early. Even though we both don't like Starbucks, I have to admit that I adore the caramel apple cider they have. I really love it. So after we talked about it, I hung up and drove to the grocery store and bought two gallons of apple cider and a squeeze bottle of caramel from the ice cream aisle, came home and made myself some hot caramel apple cider. And then I made some more! And it was really great.

I can see that having the internet has potential to be a bad thing for me. Not in the way that I won't get any housework done--as far as housework goes, I think it will make me more motivated. (I'd feel pretty bad if the whole day went by and I realized I hadn't done anything because I'd been reading a book or knitting all day long. With the internet I feel guilty if I'm spending too much time on it, so I hurry and do extra housework to try and make up for my time wasted online.) No, but I can see my knitting really suffering. I can see myself not getting Dinosaur's blanket done. And I can see myself never finishing my Falling Leaves scarf, and never making Gracie's birthday scarf. (Actually, I'll definitely make Gracie's scarf because it isn't going to be Falling Leaves. It's going to be something pink fuzzy, made on large needles.) So I have to be careful. Because getting my knitting projects done is important to me.

I love our Big Room and I'm glad that the computer is back here so I am using the room more. Right now Martin is working out in one corner and I am typing this in the other. The window is open and we can hear all the crickets and our fat cat is lying on the floor watching us. And Baxter is in his cage because I caught him eating trash out of the garbage can.

I'm really excited for the Feast! When I wake up and it's cool in the mornings I get very excited for it. It's my favorite Fall event. And even though I'm glad it's later this year and not until mid-October, it's hard to wait that long knowing that it HAS been in September in the recent past... like, say, two years ago when it was in September and Martin and I went to the workers dance together and drank aaaaaalll that plum wine! And then last year the Feast was on my birthday and Martin bought me what is still my favorite mug and we tried to drink plum wine again out of the same clay jug from the year before.... except that the same clay jug had never been washed until the night before and when we drank the new wine out of it it tasted funny (like mold our like dishsoap we weren't really sure) so we dumped it out in the grass and danced without being drunk.

And it was just as fun, because you don't need alcohol to have fun, kids.

The Clusterflies are disappearing, which is great, but a little spooky at the same time. Did we really kill them all? Or are they going someplace to hide and hibernate and procreate, only to come back in greater force in a few weeks? I'm slightly worried.

Time to check the weather for tomorrow... because I can.


Anne said...

Oh, I'm glad to know you can make you own carmel apple cider because I love that drink, too! I'm adding those items to my grocery list!!

LauraSuz said...

That sounds so good, Annie!

Joannie said...

Hahahaha! One of my friends works at Starbucks (for the good insurance, of course) and I was studying there and got really excited when I saw it was pumpkin drink time!! I was talking to my friend during her break and I told her how fall meant yummy pumpkin drinks and their great apple cider and told her how much you loved it, and even though we all knew it was just apple cider and caramel, it was still just so delicious....

Sometimes I forget you have that big room, when I'm picturing you in your house.

Annie said...

well, Joannie, now whenever you picture me in blogging action, you can picture me in my big room. Because that's where I always am when I post!

I hope your day today is better than your day yesterday. :(