Friday, September 28, 2007

Kitty Toes

This morning I woke up and my cat was curled up asleep under my chin. It was really great.

Yesterday I started watching "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" as a tribute to St. Francis. (And also because it's sooooo funny.) Evidently Martin has never seen this particular Zeffirelli masterpiece. He came in and saw young St. Francis frolicking through a field with the 1973 folk music in the background, gave me the weirdest look and said, "Is this Cat Stevens?" "No," I said, "Better. It's Donovan." This especially great because Martin HATES Donovan. He didn't seem too taken with the movie. I guess it is a little bit fruity, what with St. Francis crying all the time from being overcome with emotion and holding everyone's hands, but I like it. And I haven't seen it since sixth grade! I'm disappointed with the lack of animals in it though, so far. Maybe there will be more later.

Speaking of animals, the one thing I miss about having cable is the Discovery channel and the PBS animal specials and Animal Planet. All those good animal shows.

Yesterday afternoon was bad. I love making vegetable soup and yesterday I made some, enough to last us dinner for two days at least. I was excited about it--it always smells so good. So I put it on the burner and left (to watch my moovie) and when I came back to the room there was a dead fly in my soup. Boo. I'm glad we didn't eat it because when we dumped it out there turned out to be more. So we walked to Panera for dinner.

Oooh, I was just on the phone with Martin and discovered a good title for a book: "Barefoot in the Snow, Uphill Both Ways." Clearly this would be a book about the poor, miserable childhood that all memoir authors had. However, it might be funny.

I woke up when Martin woke up this morning and I've been wide awake all this time but now I think I'm going to go back to sleep.

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