Saturday, September 22, 2007

Online Window Shopping

While Martin is working out for awhile in the backyard I've been sitting here in the big room doing some online window shopping on I fell in love with very few things. None of the dresses or skirts really wowed me, I wouldn't ever buy JCrew pants because I'd have to have them tailored anyway, and sweaters from anyplace other than the second-hand stores will have to wait until next year when I'm [hopefully] back to my usual size. However, I did fall in love with a couple of things. One was a long navy blue coat and one was a similar long brown coat. It was not chocolate brown it was more like horsey brown. They were both so elegant looking and pretty. Then there was this pair of gloves that were long and white, but they were winter gloves. They might've been cashmere. I fell in love with them too. I thought of how gorgeous it would be to wear the navy coat with the long white gloves and to go places with my perfectly dressed, doll-like baby and be the model of style and perfection. Then I remembered what babies are really like and told myself that to even think of buying anything white between now and twenty years from now would be a major mistake.

Heck, I have a white scarf and I can't even keep THAT clean!

Last night we had chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes at my parents' house for my sister's birthday and ever since I finished my meal I've been craving more. Yummmmm yum. That's one of the best meals in the whole entire world. Next to yummy pasta, of course.

I am now 31 weeks pregnant. That leaves me 6 weeks till being "term," 9 weeks till my due date, and 11 weeks till I actually give birth. It also means two weeks till my birthday, three weeks till the Feast, and 5 weeks till Halloween. I'm thinking these last weeks will fly by!!

As for my quilt, it is in the binding stage, believe it or not. I did a crappy job quilting it and didn't want to make it worse by trying to quilt every outside square without a hoop, so I just left the edge unquilted and am hoping what I did will hold it together. The binding looks good, I think. It was just some that I had leftover from a different quilt. I haven't measured the quilt but Martin was surprised at how big it was, he had seen the picture online and thought it would be more baby-sized. It's actually a little bigger than baby size and it's a perfect square. And ridiculously girly.

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