Thursday, September 27, 2007


I was just looking online at the Gap maternity section, and while the clothes are just as cute as Gap clothes can be, the models don't look very preggie. They just look like they're arching their backs and pooching out their tummies. Oh well. I guess I'll remember to shop GapMaternity only during the fat stage and not at the ginormous stage.

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anna said...

Someone once told me all maternity models are either not pregnant or at that sexy 4-6 months stage and are never at the huge stage.

I don't think they'd sell many maternity tops if they photgraphed women at 38 weeks with all the water one gets puffed up with to boot.

And don't feel too bad Annie. This is the part of the pregnancy where everyone looks thin, even other pregnant women and you feel like you will be like this the rest of your life. Remember, this too shall pass.

The other day I saw the 5 euro jeans I bought in Italy which are the best pair I've ever owned and sighed. Its going to be a good year or two till we meet again my little friends. (sob, sob)