Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Move your car, Sheila!!!!


It already annoys me enough when visitors to Wabash Landing park their cars on the yellow curb right outside of Starbucks and put on their hazard lights while they go into one of the stores, as if having your hazard lights flashing means that you're not actually parked. It really, REALLY annoys me when people do that. Not only is the curb painted yellow in that spot, but there is also a very visible sign that reads "NO PARKING HERE TO CORNER" in nice big red letters, posted at a very reasonable level. So it strikes me as very inconsiderate and arrogant to park there.

And then tonight, who of all people but SHEILA KLINKER, our own State Representative, parked her official State Representative car on the yellow curb right outside of Starbucks. (I know this because I was sitting in the window at Starbucks, watching.) She turned on her hazard lights, left Vic in the passenger seat with his big cigar, and walked away from the vehicle. HELLO, Sheila, you are our State Representative!! So, REPRESENT WELL!!! Do the rules not apply to you because you're old and crazy, or because you're too special?! What makes you think that you should be able to park underneath the "NO PARKING HERE TO CORNER" sign with your hazard lights flashing while you go in to get your take-out dinner from Panera, instead of having to drive through the lot a thousand times before finding a parking spot like all the other suckers who are shopping there at 7:00 on a Wednesday night?!?!?! WHAT MAKES YOU SO SPECIAL THAT YOU CAN BREAK THE LAW??!?! And of all people!!! You're not an emergency vehicle! You're a Subaru Outback with a Tony Roswarski bumper sticker and a license plate that claims you to be the representative of all peoples of Indiana. Well, Sheila, let me ask you this: Do you want all the citizens of Indiana parking on the yellow curbs? Do you want the state of Indiana to be full of hazard lights and illegally parked vehicles?? I JUST BET YOU DON'T!!!



Anna said...

When did you feel baby move for the first time from the inside?:
With Angelica five months, Z, about four, this baby about the same.
When did you feel baby move with your hand on your belly?
A:five months, Z. five months, this baby, four months
When were you able to see baby moving?
can't remember

When did you start leaking?
Leaking four months on. all three.

Did you ever have any pregnancy symptoms that magically went away, such as backache, or squished lungs? And if you did, did it mean anything that they disappeared?


When did your belly button pop out, if it did?
Didn't really pop out with Angelica. With Zita, month eight or nine.

When did you start having Braxton-Hicks contractions, and did you get them a lot?
None with Angelica. Constantly with Zita from about eight months on. None with this one yet.

At what point were you unable to sleep?
Oh pretty much the whole last trimester.

How much did your baby move throughout your pregnancy?
Angelica, not very active, Zita, active. This baby, insane.

Was your baby a boy or a girl?
self evident.

How early/late/on time was your baby?
Angelica ten days early. Zita a week late, but probably right on time. I could see that she was definitley healthier, better nurser, more alert, happier, than Angelica was as a newborn. When she came out she didn't have the frail look Angelica did. So I'll take late over early anyday. That last couple week are a pain in the rear thought.

With all the late babies everyone has it would seem that most are not really late (although they do definitley happen.) Usually the woman conveived late in a cycle, has long cycles, or has had a someone misread a sonogram, chart, etc. There are lots of reasons on time babies can be tagged "late." Its not something I would worry about.

Anna said...

Oh and I USED to think that the Subaru outback was cool car. Now that I found out Klinker drives one I think it is not so cool. I hate it when lawmakers think they are above the laws.

Ahh, righteous anger. . . .