Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just Like the Olden Times

Well... sort of. Except now I have these crazy animals mauling me every time I have something to eat. It's officially autumn at Einstein Bagels--they have their pumpkin products! So I'm back to my old breakfast of a pumpkin bagel with honey almond cream cheese. Yuuuuuum yum! It so reminds me of last fall when I would eat breakfast while checking my email before going to work. Except last fall Theodore wasn't very big, nor did he seem to be quite as interested in people food. But now... wow. Now he's a real weirdo. I got home, came in with my breakfast to eat it while I checked my email (and blogged) but Baxter kept whining from the kitchen. Stupid me, I thought that meant he needed to go out. So I took him for a walk and came back to eat my breakfast (again) but Theodore had gotten it!!! I looked all over the house for it and found it, all the paper in shreds, behind a chair. He didn't eat much of the bagel, he probably just licked it... so I went ahead and ate it anyway. And now that I'm back eating my breakfast and checking emails (and blogging) Baxter is STILL whining in the kitchen. He just wants to come back here. But clearly, he's not allowed back here because he breaks windows because he can't control himself.

I'm glad Anna got her package from my parents because now I can post about the sheepskin booties that my parents also got for my baby!! They are soooooooo cute. I adore them. And soft!! I am so excited for my little baby to wear them. I'm kind of glad to have a fall/winter baby. It sounds cozy. I would like to have more overalls for him though... right now I only have one pair and they are not newborn size. I'd like to have lots of overalls, ESPECIALLY if it is a boy.

Martin comes home tonight! Four days is a long time. Last night the phones weren't working either, so we couldn't call each other or text each other. I even went over to the neighbors house and tried their phones, but they are also on cingular so they didn't work either. And the Cooks seemed to be asleep, otherwise I would've tried their landline.

I went to coffee with Alison yesterday afternoon. That's always fun! They've built an awning at Vienna over the patio and I can't really decide what I think of it. Turgay was there and told us all about his new puppy!! She's not really a puppy, she's a dog, but her name is Franny! How cute is that!!!

Today Kim and I are doing a podcast for the J&C. I don't know what a podcast is, but I'm doing it anyway.


anna said...

Annie, I am making a pair of overalls for my little one out of a gorgeous chasmere sweater that I got at the thrift store. They are turning out so cute. They are kind of a soft grey color. I will try and post some pics on my blog.

Anyway I can't wait to pair them with those booties that your mom sent. They will look so cute. I can't gush enough about those booties.

Annie said...

No kidding! I can't gush enough either!! I can't wait to see the overalls! I'm going to go to Goodwill sometime and get some sweaters for yarn too. I've always been afraid that I wouldn't know how to take them apart but now that I've been knitting I think I'll know better about where to find the seams and stuff.

anna said...

Annie, it is so easy. But I am warning you, if you start down this road it is so addictive. You will find yourself thinking, "now what can I make this sweater into????"

Annie said...

Oh-ho-ho... "addict" is what I do best, especially when it comes to crafty things. Do you know how much housework I have to do today? Let's just say it's a lot. And what am I doing with my time? Well, it's not housework! But I do expect my quilt to be done in two weeks, tops!

I can't WAIT to go to Goodwill!!!!!