Thursday, September 13, 2007

In the Chilly Big Room

This morning I am sitting cozily in our comfy recliner chair wrapped in a fuzzy blue blanket, enjoying the smell of the leftover cold night that got trapped in the big room when I left the window open all night!! I'm listening to "Kate Rusby Radio" on and every song that comes on I LOVE. Including Donovan's "Universal Solider" which is a song I've always loved. I was singing it all night last night. Martin doesn't like that song. Well... he's never actually heard it except to hear me singing it on our walk with Baxter... but I know that he wouldn't like it. I don't think my mom likes it either. It's sort of late-1960's political, I guess.

Anyway, I'm about as cozy as I've ever been right now.

Here's a FABULOUS coincidence!!!! The other day I told Martin that I really hope Kate Rusby comes out with a new album before the baby is born so that I can listen to it while I'm in labor and our child can come immediately into the wonderful world of Kate Rusby. So I checked her website and GUESS WHO HAS A NEW CD?!?!? It came out in March, and I had no idea! (because I never had internet, so websites like were neglected.) Unfortunately, it's an import so it's more expensive than usual. But I might get it anyway. I can get a little bit cheaper price on amazon. And guess what the album is called? "Awkward Annie." Isn't that funny? That's my name!!

In relation to the title of my blog, "Livin' it up in the Ghetto..." You know you live in the ghetto when you come home from someplace and there is a police car parked directly in front of your house and all you think is, "Ahrg!! He's in my parking spot!!" It took me like an hour to realize that if I didn't live on Alabama Street and I came home to a police car outside my house I would probably be nervous. But not here!

Kate Rusby Radio is awesome. is the love of my life.

Oh, but speaking of the true love of my life..... sometimes when you pick up Theodore you get a little toot-toot surprise!! I think it's probably because he's so big you have to kind of squeeze to make sure you've got a good grip on him. Last night I picked him up and I was lucky enough to get TWO tooters! He's so cute!!!!! And now some pictures.

A frog we found at the cottage (note: this is a frog, not a toad!)

Okay... this turns out to not be the picture I'd wanted to post, but now I can't figure out how to delete it. Whoops. Oh well. It's still the right frog anyway. He was underneath the johnboat when Martin was putting stuff away. He was a cute little guy. The other picture is better. Oh well.

And this second picture is of Martin and PeterXavier the day of the garage sale. Martin came out of the house carrying PX in one hand, my mom's iced tea in the other and wearing my mom's glasses... and a really silly expression.

Wow, blogspot is great. You can just fill up with pictures and write your post like a magazine article!
Okay, and finally, here is my lovie boy:


Anne said...

I love the bit about the police car because it is just so darn TRUE! :o)

Sarah said...

I wonder if that little frog is "Avella" the frog we caught at the cottage but then she got away. Grace named her -- can you tell?