Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hot, tired, cranky and huge

It's one of those days where everything should go smoothly and nothing does. What was the one thing I had to do today? Take the car in for an oil change. I didn't even have to pay for it because we got a complimentary one last time we were there. All I had to do was take the car in, sit there and knit while they changed the oil, then go home and continue with my day. Except instead of getting up when I woke up to take the car in, I fell back asleep and slept until ten o'clock! By the time I was ready for my day it was after 11:00 and I didn't want to take the car in then because I'd be waiting on it for the rest of the day.

Also, when I woke up, I found Baxter had been into the basket of diapers and had eaten one. It was one of the cute rolled up ones tied with green ribbon. I hate that dog.

So then I thought I'd work on my quilt. But I had to go out and buy batting and basting spray and possibly the backing fabric as well because I didn't REALLY want to mix the flannel and the smooth cotton on the same quilt. So I went to JoAnn's and found the batting but it isn't the good kind like at the quilt store, it's completely synthetic which is kind of gross. But whatever. Also, one can of basting spray was fifteen dollars and I didn't have that kind of money, so I just skipped it. Hopefully the synthetic batting will be enough to hold stuff together until it's quilted. I found some really pretty fabric for the back and bought it even though it wasn't on sale. I figured it didn't matter because I didn't need very much of it. At the end of the trip I spent $25, which isn't bad, and came home to put my quilt together and start quilting.

But when I got here and got it all put together and cut to size, I got out my quilt hoop only to discover that the wingy nut and washer had fallen off sometime since the last time I used it, which was... what, two years ago? Four years ago? It's been a good while since I've quilted something. I looked through Martin's toolbox but none of what he had fit the screw. So I went to my mom's house to borrow her hoop.

But I couldn't find it. By now it was about 90 degrees outside and I would have liked to have been back in bed. So I called Martin and he told me to go to the hardware store and buy what I needed. He said to take the whole hoop with me if I wanted and anyone working there would be happy to help me. Well, I didn't take the whole hoop, I just took the screw; I put it in my pocket. And then somehow on the drive from home to the hardware store the screw cut my leg and then my pants were rubbing against it and it was very uncomfortable and I hated everything.

At the hardware store I thought I'd be able to try the little wingy thingers on the screw, but no such luck. They all were in individual bags! And all the workers who were there seemed very busy and I was too shy to ask anyone for help, so I guessed. I bought two wingies that looked like they fit and went back to the car where I tried them on. And they didn't fit. They were too small.

But I was too scared to go back in looking so dumb, so I went to Target instead because we needed orange juice anyway and I thought Target might have some hardware. But they didn't. So I wasted a trip there too. Well, not a whole trip... I just didn't need to walk around the whole dumb store looking for hardware that I'd never find. So I got my cheap bread and my two cartons of Tropicana Homestyle orange juice and I went home. Except I didn't go directly home... I went to JoAnn's AGAIN and bought a quilt hoop. One that I thought would be smaller than the one I have so at least I wouldn't have two of the same size. (the size I have though is perfect.) So I finally got home, all hot and sweaty and tired of wandering around town in a car that should've had an oil change two weeks ago, feeling guilty for not waking up to take it in this morning, and I came back here to finally do the quilting and the hoop I bought is BIGGER than the one I already had, and I don't know if it will even work for the quilt, since the thing isn't basted together. If it's too big, it won't work. Ugh.

And most of the time I like being pregnant and when I think about ten weeks from now it doesn't seem very long, but when I think that I'm only 7 months and 3 days pregnant and I have to get to 9 months before I don't look like this anymore, I get kind of discouraged because I already feel so huge and gross.


This is the quilt, anyway. Well, the quilt top. I took this last night when I finished the top, before I had bought the back fabric today. There isn't a border because I didn't have enough fabric for that. So it might end up looking kind of dumb, I'm not sure.
Also, I finally got my engagement ring off my finger. That's depressing too. But if my fingers puff up during labor I don't want to have to have my engagement ring cut off because it means too much to me and I will worry about it. I'd rather have it here at home, safe in its box, until I can put it back on again. I've been trying for awhile to get it off with no luck, but then finally yesterday I was able to squeeze it off. If they cut off my wedding band that will be sad, but not such a big deal. Is it bad that my wedding band doesn't mean as much to me as my engagement ring? It's just that I love my engagement ring because Martin picked it for me and he gave it to me and he worked hard to save the money for it, and so on... The only interesting thing about our wedding bands is that we had a hard time getting them on each other at our wedding because we both had such sweaty hands. Which is not to say we were especially nervous.. (well, I was nervous because I had this vision of me dropping his ring and it rolling away and me having to chase it down the aisle and look like a moron) we're just sweaty-handed people. Martin especially.
Anyway, that's my grumpy day. I don't even want to do the quilting anymore, I just want to have it magically finish itself.
Also at JoAnn's I bought the yarn for Gracie's birthday present. I think she will really like it.


anna said...

Annie that is just too funny. I too had a similarly frustrated attempt at nesting. I am trying to make these wool diaper covers and the first thrift store I went to the ladies had all the sweaters in the back and they were going to bring them out today but they were being so slow and dumb about it and they wouldn't even let me look at them!!!

Then I went to the other thrift store which was closed on a monday which they NEVER are. Then i decided to be crafty and felt my own wool with some of the wool in my basement. Well you can imagine what a disaster that turned out to be--lots of boiling water, spills, and a peice of fabric resembling a dead sheep.

So now I'mprobably just going to break down and buy the damn covers. rrrr.rr....

So anyway, I completely symethize with your utter frustration.

Also it didn't help that a bunch of my friends came by today looking all cute and skinny with their toddlers while I have been feeling huge no matter what I wear these days.

Just a few more months to go. I'm sure we'll last.

LauraSuz said...

Quilting :( My poor quilt top is sitting in my sewing box asking for a back! And now it's too late for me to have your help because your little Schap will be here soon.

I hate money!

At least your baby will be wrapped up in a nice warm quilt. Dan and I will be freezing our buns off next winter because of me!

Annie said...

What-the-heck-ever. This little Schap isn't due for TWO MONTHS! And don't let my grumpy post discourage you from asking me for help or quilting companionship. I have some money from my mother-in-law that needs to be spent on supplies at the quilt store and I've just been waiting on you so I don't have to go alone! So call me anytime you feel the urge to be crafty!

I've come to hate skinny people. I've also come to hate myself for ever saying I was fat in years past. Ha! I thought I was fat at my wedding!!! Can you believe it?!? Today I am going out to coffee with my good friend Alison. She is skinny and cute. Part of me is really dreading this outing. Ugh.

You've got longer to go than I have. When's your due date? Sarah says January 6, I thought it was December 24? Surely we can make it through this last trimester! Aaahhh!!!