Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chipmunk Emergency!!!

Today started out much better than yesterday. After many phone calls and texts from Martin trying to drag me out of bed, I was showered, breakfasted and to the car place by 8:45. I sat in the waiting area next to this nice old lady who admired my knitting. Well, she didn't really admire it at all... she just said it was good thinking to have brought it with me and asked what I was making (a scarf) and if I go to River Knits. She was very nice. The car was done by 10:00 and I picked up Martin's shirts from the cleaners on the way home. Now I feel as if I've been productive today and it isn't even lunchtime yet!

However, when I got home I got a sad surprise. I pulled into the driveway and noticed that there was a chipmunk in the driveway who was not moving. So I backed up and watched him. Then I parked on the street and went up for a closer look. In fact, I took a picture:

His little eyes were closed but he was still breathing. Then Tara came outside and we agreed that I should call the Wildcat Wildlife Center and ask them what to do. So I came inside and called, but had to leave a message and they haven't gotten back to me yet! I will go check on the little guy soon. I feel really bad though. Sometimes he moves his head a little bit. I'm really afraid that I somehow backed over him on my way out this morning, except he doesn't look squished at all... he just looks like he's sleeping.

I love chipmunks.
Fetal Franja has been crazy today... as usual. I wish I knew which little body parts are where. I've read that they move the most between weeks 32 and 36 or something, when they are very strong and still haven't run out of room to move. I'm only 30 weeks! Eek! I can't imagine him being more active than this!
I just checked on the chipmunk and he's turned around. Poor little guy. Ugh, I wish those people would call me back!!
This morning at the car place I had the rare experience of watching morning talk shows. First it was the end of The Early Show and the guest was Barry Manilow who CREEPS ME OUT. He's so icky looking, especially when he sings. Then the next show was Regis and Kelly. Wow. What a retarded talk show. I think that show should have gone off the air with Kathy Lee Gifford. It's so not funny--their jokes are lame and their sentiment is just dramatized garbage--and Kelly Rippa isn't even cute! She just looks like one of the middle-aged soccer moms you see at the bagel store who wears too much pink and kind of makes you sad because it's obvious how hard they try. Sorry if this paragraph is judgemental and complainy... I guess now I know how my mom feels when she goes to rehab and has to watch Dr. Phil every day. (although I think she secretly likes it!!)
Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day!!! I was reminded of that in a voicemail from my dad. I like having a dad who is somewhat technologically savvy because it means I can send him text messages. Even if he isn't very good at texting back, at least he knows how to read them.
I'm really excited to meet our dinosaur. I keep wondering if it's a boy or a girl and while most of me thinks it's a girl, I don't really trust that feeling. Whenever I guess on the gender of other people's unborn children I'm always wrong. If this is a girl I have lots of cute things for it to wear. Girly little things and some pink booties. However, if it's a boy... we have a pair of toddler-sized Adidas Sambas to match his daddy's. It would be pretty darn cute to dress Fran up in brown cords, a plaid flannel button-down and his sambas next fall. !!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

How did you guess that I couldn't figure out how to return a text message? I finally gave up and just called. At least I know how to do that.

As for your hair...resist the urge. EVERY pregnant woman screws with her hair and regrets it.


Annie said...

Ha! I know! And in that "Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy" book it specifically says DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR HAIR. You are ugly enough already, changing your hair drastically will not change that and it will not make it better. However... this would be (hopefully) going back to my old hairstyle. So maybe it wouldn't be so drastic? But you're right, maybe I should just wait. Arrgg! (that's not frustration, that's my pirate bit.)