Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Mumblings

I can hardly believe it!! Look who's got a blog! Not quite as literary as I'd have expected from an English major, but whatever. It's still always fun to win a convert. First facebook, now blogspot... he's just as bad as I am, even though he won't admit it, heh heh heh.

Speaking of blogs, thanks to mine Martin and I got some leftover chicken and noodles for lunch yesterday! HOORAY!! My mom read my last post and called me to tell me to come up and get the leftovers! I didn't know there WERE leftovers!! If I had known there was more on the stove that night, I would've had a second helping!

I'm starting to feel heavy. I had an uneventful doctors appointment this morning. I've been doing towels and sheets laundry and washing dishes and I'm all sweaty, but the nesting thing must be kicking in more, because as much as I want to stop, I can't!! I was putting away clothes upstairs and sweating so much, but I just couldn't stop. I put away way more stuff than I would usually bother with. This is a good thing, I know, but I am surprising myself with my productivity these days.

GermanFest on Saturday was fun! The band was great! I felt a little bad only working for an hour, but we kept wandering back to the brat booth until 8:00 and they were never especially busy, so I guess they didn't need us. It sounds bad to say they weren't busy... I think the reality was that they had so many volunteers, there just wasn't enough work to go around! But it was a fun party.

And just for kicks, here's a picture of Martino and me
on Christmas night 2005. Pre-engagement, pre-marriage, we'd only been dating for about 3 months. Obviously we were both real big dirtbags during that time. This was the day I got my digital camera as a Christmas present from my parents, and I was super snap-happy. What a wonderful present! Last year, our first Christmas as married peoples, we got a video camera, which I intend to also use like a mad-woman once dinosaur is here. You all can look forward to pictures AND videos of our child!! Wow, who could ask for more?


Anne said...

I hope you have better luck posting videos than me!! Maybe that one was just too long...I should try again.

Matt S said...

Referring to children as dinasaurs seems a little prehistoric...

Annie said...

Hahaha! And you should see the nursery! It's full of cave-men style drawings on the walls and the only toys he'll have to play with are bones and wooden clubs. And maybe when he's older a piece of flint or two.