Sunday, September 30, 2007

Set for the Week

Well the weekend was fun, but now it's over. Joannie, Perkins and Martin are all gone now and I'm by my lonesome with nothing but Theodore, Baxter, 3 knitting books, 1 natural birth book and 5 movies from the library. Heh heh... I think I'll survive.

This is a very small picture of our Crawfordsville dreamhouse. It's much stranger looking in real life than it is in the picture. Unfortunately, it's smaller than our current house and more expensive. Not that we're moving, of course. We love our house... and it's a good thing too, since we're locked in for another 4 1/2 years at least!

One of the knitting books I got was a book of toys to knit. Last winter I bought some brown yarn from River Knits that I never used, so I'm going to attempt a knit bear or a knit mouse for the baby. I will use my own child's toy as a guinea pig project and if all goes well, I might make finger puppets for all the nieces and nephews for Christmas! Wouldn't that be cute! Of course... I have a zillion other kniitting projects to finish before I think of Christmas. For instance, Gracie's scarf! I ripped it out and started over to make it narrower and I think it looks better. My mom and Martin both insist that Gracie will love it simply because it is pink and purple... she will think it's "dordeous." (gorgeous.) I sure hope they're right.

And here for your viewing pleasure are a couple of pictures of Martin and the kidaroos. I'd forgotten about these pictures until I went to upload the group picture from the coffee shop the other night. In the first one, I don't think anyone is on the trampoline--they're all in the air. In the second one Martin is trying to cheer up PeterXavier after almost breaking his neck. It was accidental, of course. And PX cheered up pretty quickly.

I'm currently listening to the fabulous album entitled "Annie Hatke: And Her First CD" and laughing at the lyrics of the song "Everlasting Friend" that I wrote, in which I am gazing into ever-faithful brown eyes. What's so hilarious is that it sounds like something about love, but really it was about my golden retriever. Boy did I have everybody fooled.

I feel the suspicious stuffiness of an ear infection coming on. I hope it goes away.

Our next-door neighbors are named Hugs and Nick, and they are VERY nice. Hugs is quite a talker but she's really sweet, and sometimes at night when we're walking Baxter we can hear Nick laughing from inside the house. He has a very loud laugh! Anyway, today Hugs asked what kind of music I play and I told her I play folk music and we started talking about different folk artists we like and about 15 minutes after we went our separate ways, she came over with a CD she had burned for me with her favorite folk songs on it. How sweet is that?!? So I'll have to repay her with some of MY favorites....

And here is the group from the Village Coffee House the other night! I think it's amusing that Kim (who took the picture) kept telling Matt that he needed to scooch over more, but he left enough room for another person on the other side of Martin.

For anyone who doesn't know, the lineup is (l to r): Martin, Annie, Joannie, Anne, Matt.



Joannie said...

we're so cute. I should have put my arm around you. It kind of looks like I don't like you or something.
Can you email me a copy of it??

Annie said...

haha, it does, doesn't it? I just read all of your comments on my recent past posts. I did not play Universal Soldier while you were there, because by the time I played it I didn't think you were coming. I'm sorry for doubting you!! And maybe I'll make a video of my stomach and put it on YouTube. Wouldn't that be sick? But I would do it for you... um... if that's really (barf) what you want.

But just to be clear: I'm not grossed out by my own baby. I think it's funny and cute. But I think that if I were an outsider I would think I was disgusting.