Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Post From Campbell's

It's not every day you get to share a coffee shop with a whole table of princesses! Right below me there are four or five little girls dressed head to toe in princess outfits (and accessories) having lunch together. Someone's taking pictures of them and so they keep saying "cheeeeeeeese" in that really monotone voice that all 5-year-olds use when saying "cheese" and having their picture taken. It's REALLY cute. This place is always so full of kids. Every time I'm here it seems there are just loads and loads of babies and very small children. Not so much older kids, but a ton of babies and strollers. It's pretty fun and makes me feel like I'll still be able to come here all the time when I have a dinosaur of my own and am coming to Crawfordsville for visits.

Last night was GREAT!! Kim and I played at Village Coffee House and not only were there a few attentive strangers who gave us tips, but also there was a couch full of all my friends!!! Anne, Joannie, Matt Spencer and the Watsons ALL CAME!!! It was so much fun!! Kim took a picture of all of us and when I'm home I will post it. It's so good to have friends. And Joannie brought me some baby shower gifts--an adorable little teether duck named Waddles and a trio of "interactive" and "stimulating" "activities." Hahaha!! They are three of those funny little hangy things that hook to strollers and carseats. They're very cute. But nothing can beat Waddles.

Five weeks till I'm "term." I can't believe it! This is good news for a number of reasons. It means the baby will be here soon and it means that Martin's travel season will be over at the same time. Although, it's hardly really started yet, since he was only gone one week before his designated week in the office. He's leaving tomorrow morning to go down south and won't be home until Thursday afternoon/evening. Boooo. Oh well, I will be able to watch "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" over and over again and nobody will be around to make fun of me. Maybe I'll even start singing along with Donovan....

Last night Martin's insurance man/financial helper man came over to the house. I had never met him before but he was really nice!! He's a little bit old and one of his sons went to Wabash and now is a dentist. I wouldn't want to be a dentist. I don't even like GOING to the dentist.

One gross thing about last night was that we spent a time all sitting around staring at my jello stomach. I think Joannie might've been a little freaked out. But now she knows that I wasn't lying about the insane amount that Franja moves!!! And he's like that ALL THE TIME!

I'm waiting for Martin to be done working out. He had to give a talk to some baseball players down here this morning and then worked out afterward but he should be done sometime soon.

Okay, I'm bored with this post. I'm going to read other people's blogs now.

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Joannie said...

I wasn't freaked out. I thought it was amazing! I could have stared at your belly for hours, watching him/her move around! It was so cool!