Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bad Hair Day

I'm having a bad hair day. Martin had me take a shower this morning while he was home and able to hold the baby, which was a big help. It freed up my day considerably. (I take long showers.) I put goop in my hair and hoped that it would dry cute and curly, but no such luck. So later on I re-wet my hair and blew it dry... and it came out looking poofy and page-boyish and mom-ish and genrally ugly. So then I tried to pull it up in a high ponytail which looked cute except for the big chunk of hair on the left side that wasn't long enough to reach. Finally I gave up and put on a stocking cap. Later in the day I got hot and took the hat off and found my hair had flattened out nicely, but I still consider it a bad hair day. Then Mrs. Schap came over--(well, she didn't exactly come over... I went outside to throw some garbage away and I heard her next door talking to Tara so I went over there and then Mrs. Schap came in to see Anja)-- and she thought my hair looked cute. I believe that she thought that, but I don't think it myself. Also, I put on my green sweater with a white scoop-necked t-shirt underneath and I thought I looked a little bit cute (cuter than the other day anyway, when I spent the day in Martin's Dropkick Murphys sweatshirt) but no sooner did I get dressed than Anja puked all down my back. Oh well. At least I can wash the sweater tomorrow and wear it on the weekend.

Once again, Anja's been sleeping all day. I've been getting stuff done as a result, though, including going to my backyard and clipping evergreen branches from the bushes. Looking through the Better Homes & Gardens magazine they had such great table arrangements with evergreens. So I tried to replicate them... but it just looks like I shoved some bush branches into a vase. Not cute at all. However, I think I'll get some sort of berries or flowers or something this weekend to stick in there as well and maybe that will help. I really hate it when I try to do the cute things in magazines and what I do ends up looking ridiculous.

Anja seems to like the Christmas carol "Good King Wenceslaus" (sp?). Whenever I sing it to her she falls asleep.

I tried tackling the Christmas decorations again, like I said I would today... but I couldn't even get the boxes out of the closet!! You wouldn't believe the amount of decorations we have. Two big boxes, a small box, and various other things as well, like an old wooden sled and a big ugly santa and a huge painted window. WE HAVE A WINDOW in our closet. It's got painted snowmen on it and says "Merry Christmas." Why do we have that? Where am I going to hang it? Am I going to put an extra nail in the wall for this dorky holiday window?

Actually, the window might be cute. I can't really see it through all the other garbage in the closet... I can just see the top edge of it and remember what it is.

I hope Anna has her baby soon. I'm excited for it.

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Anonymous said...

I especailly like the comment about your baby puking on your back