Friday, December 28, 2007

On the Third (?) Day of Christmas... (what day is it?)

To say that Anja "likes" her new Raffi DVD would be an understatement. She very nearly LAUGHED during "Tingaleyo!" We didn't mean to get a DVD though, it was supposed to be just a CD, but due to some miscommunication, we ended up with the 3 concert performances DVD. It is very great... but we ordered an audio CD yesterday afternoon. Hee hee hee! So now she can have Raffi wherever she goes!

Last night Martin bought me a sweater. I had seen it when we went shopping with TusaRebecca on Boxing Day, but I hadn't bought it because it was too expensive. I decided to go back to Old Navy last night and settle for another cute sweater that was much cheaper... but when we got there, it was gone! So Martin bought me the super cutie multi-colored sweater from Macy's. What a guy.

We wanted to have a date last night and go to Starbucks but as soon as we got there Anja started screaming her head off, so we skipped that.

I'm afraid I just wasted my one opportunity for a shower writing this worthless blog post....

p.s. Check out Martin's blog for my before-and-after pictures and keep up with it to watch my progress.... he might have also bought me a pretty blue kettlebell last night.....


Rosemary said...

Annie, Just wanted to say I saw your before and after pictures, and you look great before and after!

By the way, I think you asked when Anthony's birthday was - October 20.

Merry Christmas!

Annie said...

Hey, thanks!

Oooo, October 20... I don't know anyone else with that birthday. My birthday is October 6th. I think October birthday are the absolute BEST.