Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stenographer for Hire

I have this great idea for a chick-lit novel!!! Does anyone want to be my stenographer? Obviously I don't have any time to write a novel these days, but I've got oodles of time to tell the story to a typist while I fold laundry and wash dishes and change diapers! Martin says maybe I could fall in love with my stenographer like in that stupid movie, "Alex & Emma." (The background story on that, for anyone who cares, is that once looooooooong before we were dating [back when I hated him] Martin and I watched that movie together at my apartment with another one of his friends... who was it, Martin? Was it Jason?... anyway, and we all thought it was a really dumb movie and I can't remember if Chinese food was involved that night or not, but sometimes it was. ANYway, the next day I was walking down Main Street and I ran into Martin and Bambino outside of McCords, and to Martin I said, "I watched this really stupid movie last night called 'Alex & Emma' and I kind of went on about it before Martin interrupted me and was like, 'yeah, I was there.' Um. Whoops.)

So anyway, long story short, if anyone wants a job that may or may not pay money, but will definitely pay in hot tea and coffee, give me a ring. Must be able to type.

It's official: this is the last day of Anja's 5-8lb onesies. They don't fit her anymore. This morning I could barely get the crotch snapped. How depressing!!! There are other things that don't fit now too, so I'm going to start packing them into a box. It's only been one month! How can she be so big already?!?

Every morning I wake up to a hot travel mug of coffee for Anja's 5:00 nursing session, and before he leaves Martin readies the coffee pot so all I have to do is push the "brew now" button.

Okay, this might sound judgemental, but I read an article in People magazine the other day about Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks. I hadn't realized they'd gotten married, but they did. And she was going on and on about what a great husband he was and giving advice about how to make a relationship work. I thought it was funny because preluding her advice was some statement about her past two marriages, and um, hello!? Aren't they the country music couple who got found out having an affair in 1998 or something? And wasn't it kind of really scandalous, what with Garth's three little girls and them having recorded that duet together first and everything like that? I'm not sure you're allowed to gush about your perfect husband and give relationship advice to public readers when your relationship started out like that. Of course, maybe I'm just narrow minded.

Anja and I are listening to the Notre Dame Glee Club's Christmas album today. Over the weekend we got out all the Christmas decorations, but again, it was a little bit overwhelming... so the only thing we got up was a garland of lights around the door and table in the front room. I'm glad we did that much though because I think it's pretty and I think Anja likes it too.

I can't BELIEVE Christmas is so close! And I still haven't gotten Advent candles!


Joannie said...

I love the Glee Club Christmas CD! I haven't gotten mine out yet, but I will soon! And then it will feel like Christmas is coming!

I had something else to say, but now that I'm on this comment page and can't see your entry, I forget what it was.

Anonymous said...

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