Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Merry Christmas Post!

Well, here we are again, on another looney Christmas. I say "another" as if this isn't just the second Christmas Martin and I have spent together. But it's the very first Christmas with our Anja Lasagna, and that somehow makes it a hundred times crazier.

We spent Christmas Eve yesterday with the Schap side of the family. It was generally chaotic, but hopefully nobody went into it expecting anything different. I will post pictures soon, there are some really hilarious ones. John Mooney got the girls arctic snow boots. These things are hardcore. REALLY amazing, and kind of stylish too... well, maybe not... Anyway, it was really fun and the food was good and the presents were fun and the only thing lacking was all the singing of Christmas carols which, for one reason or another, never happened. The night in general was tons of fun, but as was the case with Anne's Charles, it was a little much for Anja. She had a meltdown around 8:00 and Martin and I wound up driving her around in the car and I nursed her in the Family Express parking lot in Monticello. It calmed her down, but we still left the party soon after we got back. Then we went home to our own wreck of a house and went to bed. Which brings me to my next topic:

What kind of nerds go to mass on Christmas MORNING?!? Talk about lame. At least we weren't alone though--we walked in at the same time as Anna and her mom and the girls, AND Mrs. Watson was there, so I don't feel completely loserish... but it still didn't feel as much like Christmas without going to Midnight Mass. And afterward Fr. Tim got to meet Anja. Because there were only about 12 people in the congregation so snagging him afterward for the introduction was no big deal.

Anyway, now I have to gather up my green bean casserole and my cranberries (and all of our presents!!) and head on up to my parents' house for the day. Merry Christmas to all my fellow life-less blog readers!! If you are actually reading this on Christmas Day, don't be such a dork! Go open presents!!!

Tomorrow I will post pictures of some of the things we got for my precious Theodore... REALLY good stuff.....

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