Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy One Month Birthday!

Okay, first of all, I had this really great post written this morning, and then when I went to post it, the whole thing disappeared and all that was left in the automatically saved draft was the teensy paragraph you see before this one. Ugh. Talk about frustrating!!!

Anyway, they extended the ICE STORM WARNING!! to 3:00 this afternoon, while earlier this morning it had only been until noon.

Anja is one month old today! I cannot believe how big she is compared to when she was born. She is finally wearing her 0-3 month clothes and filling them out. It's great! She still wears her newborn stuff too, but it's so fun to dress her up in the bigger clothes because she has so many! Today she is wearing a very cute fleece outfit that AnnLaura gave her. Tomorrow she has a doctor appointment and we'll see how much she weighs now. It's at least 8lbs. Seeing her and carrying her around now that she's this big, I can't IMAGINE having a brand new newborn this size. She seems so huge!

Yesterday we ran errands all day, starting with 8:00 mass. It was a long, but fun day! And Anja was GREAT!! She didn't sleep the whole time, and she even bypassed her lunchtime fit. Have I mentioned what an incredible schedule she's on? She has a long crying fit every day at lunchtime (between 11:00 and 1:00) and another one at bedtime (between 10:00 and midnight.) It might not be an enjoyable schedule, but she keeps to it, that's for sure. Anyway, we had lunch at CiCi's pizza and she was awake and happy the whole time, probably due to the fact that on Friday, as soon as she hit her 4-week mark (when they say you "can" start giving them pacifiers) she started taking her nibby!! I had tried and tried before and she'd never wanted it until Friday. Now she's one of those cute baby's who has only eyes and a nose and the rest of her face is pacifier.

Anyway, we bought a bunch of gifts yesterday for people, although I'm not sure any of them were Christmas gifts. (We might go out later today and do some of that.) Also we went up to Monticello and got my engagement ring cleaned and the prongs tightened and now it's back on my finger!! yaaaaay!! It's good to have it back. I love my engagement ring. And I didn't have it off for long enough to make it feel weird to be wearing it again... in fact, I never really got used to going without it.

Today we are putting up Christmas decorations. It was the day of Aurelio's planned birthday party up in Chicago, but it got cancelled... because Aurelio got the chicken pox!! Isn't that sad?? And that alone didn't really matter, except that most of the guests who would be in attendance were newborn babies or pregnant ladies. Too bad. But I guess it doesn't matter SO much since they extended the ice storm warning, although we drove to church and the roads weren't bad.

So anyway, as I said, the plan today is to put up Christmas decorations, but so far we've just been sitting around drinking coffee. Well, that's not entirely true--Martin has washed dishes. But I have been sitting around drinking coffee all morning. So, needless to say, we're not getting much decorating done.
Happy One-Month Birthday, Anja!


Anonymous said...

If you have the stuff, make the cider. That will warm you up on a day like this.

Sarah said...

Can Aurelio come play with my kids? We could use some chicken pox!