Wednesday, December 26, 2007

For Mama and Daddy

I didn't realize you two were such old people! I know that my blog posts are really fun and exciting to read, and I know that the pictures I post are TOTALLY worth checking the blogs every 3.2 seconds, but maybe you guys should... I dunno... find some hobbies?

Hahahahaha.... just teasing. I'll post the other pictures now.


Sam said...

Hey Now,

I check your blog quite often too, and I am not old. I have a life, but am far away. I check up on a full set of cousins through your blog and it's links...

Anja is beautiful. Maybe Chris and I can come see her (if Chris hasn't by then) when and if I visit next summer...

Don't you just love it when people invite themselves over??? At least you have a lot of advance warning.


Annie said...

I thought I saw Chris the other day at barnes & noble! I started walking toward her and when i got close realized I was smiling at a stranger. Oops! You are welcome over any time you're in town!

As for the old people with no lives.... I told my mom yesterday afternoon that I'd be posting xmas pictures but I never actually had time to do it... by evening they were calling me wondering if the problem was with their computer or mine!!