Monday, December 17, 2007

Far from Starving

Theodore is like one of those little kids who goes around telling strangers that his parents beat him when really he comes from the most gentle, loving home imaginable. I swear, if you were to spend a day in our house, Theodore would convince you that he was starving. He eats EVERYTHING. Never mind the fact that he has a two-sided food dish (the kind for one side water, one side food) that is doubly filled with cat food. Never mind that we lovingly offer him our table scraps right off our plates. He still goes around eating things like egg cartons and flower petals and chocolate fudge as if he hasn't been fed in weeks and he has to go scavenging for his food. He's pathetic! Just today he tried to eat a plastic Santa Claus! And over the weekend Kim brought over a plate of cookies... Theodore ate them. There were some frosted ones with big fang marks in them and there were others that were eaten in half and there were a few that were completely gone altogether. Meanwhile, his cat food dish sits upstairs completely full and he STILL attacks our legs to get us to give him more. Do you know why? Because since he doesn't really eat the cat food, it goes stale. Then when he really is hungry and there aren't any holiday treats or flowers or random pieces of plastic sitting around for him to gnaw on, he goes upstairs to the cat food and refuses to eat it because it's stale and he likes it fresh. So he'll attack our legs (and visitors' legs, such as my mom's!) until we give him a scoop of fresh food. He's ridiculous!

In other news, Anja's eye was magically better this morning. I called the doctor anyway, just in case. I described the eye to the nurse there at Arnett and she said it sounded like a blocked tear duct. I told her that's what I had thought but this nurse yesterday told me otherwise because her goop was green. Today's nurse was skeptical. She told me to keep an eye on it for another day and if it is indeed pinkeye, there's no risk of letting it go for longer, and if it's the blocked tear duct, it'll go away and I don't need to come in. That's what I've done, and it's hardly even watery anymore and there's been no more green gunk. Also the swelling went down overnight and the redness is gone. She is cute once again!

I put up Christmas decorations today!!!!!!!!!! One week till Christmas and I finally got it done. We don't have a tree still.... but we have four stockings and some other little decorations and a cheap-o nativity set and my mom made us an Advent calendar that she brought to us last night so I put that up today. I didn't do a very GOOD job of decorating, but at least I did it. And now the back room is a huge mess again from everything I didn't use... which was a lot. (Did I mention the amount of Christmas decorations we have?...)

My parents brought over some leftovers from my sister's party last night and there was some killer tomato dill soup. I ate almost the whole thing, straight out of the Tupperware, in one sitting. It was delicious! Martin shared the venison with me last night but took the rest of it to work today for his lunch. It was also delicious! The peppermint bark was great (I ate it all,) the Bailey's will be a special treat for our coffee tonight, and the oatmeal cookies... oh, Theodore ate the cookies. Hm. Imagine that.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad it wasn't pinkeye!! I found your blog through Anne N's, who is sister in law to Christine, who is my friend here in DC. The internet is strange, no? I like to read b/c my baby Anthony is 2 mos old - I think just a bit older than Anja. Pretty name - what's the story behind it?

Sounds like Anja screams a fair amount. So did Anthony. People kept telling me he would grow out of it and -lo and behold - he did!!! He is a lot calmer now and I'm sure your baby will be soon, if she hasn't already started to chill. Hang in there!

Rosemary said...

sorry - that was me, Rosemary. Didn't mean to be anon.

Anonymous said...

I TOLD you it was a blocked tear duct..When are you going to start listening to yo' Mama?
PS Watch out for that Theodore or he will soon be as fat as Pia. I think Pia has gained at least 10 pounds since we got her.....and she will also NOT TOUCH stale cat food. What spoiled kitties.

Annie said...

Rosemary - Welcome to my blog!! Yeah, Anja has her screaming times, but lucky for me they are usually during the day and not in the middle of the night! I'd much rather have a lunchtime fit every day than a three-in-the-morning fit ever. She'll be six weeks old on Friday, her birthday is November 9. When is Anthony's birthday? Unfortunately, people ask us all the time what the story behind the name is... And the name itself is the German form of the Russian Anya, but we don't remember how we came up with it for a baby name.... we really have no idea. ANYWAY, it's always nice to have another reader on the blog!

Mama - Can you say FANCY FEAST?!? Martin would say it's our own faults that our cats are so fat and spoiled. He blames ME for Theodore's behavior and weight problems just because when I lived alone I would occasionally (every night) invite him up to the table to share my plate of dinner with me. I, personally, see no problem with that, and I don't think it has anything to do with Theodore drinking from our glasses of milk when we're not looking.

Anonymous said...

So anyway, this is a completely unrelated post. I just wanted to make a public apology for a private slight to your beloved weatherman. I didn't mean to call him an idiot. I mean, I did, but I didn't know that it might hurt your feelings. I know you're upset- otherwise you would have responded to my highly entertaining e-mail. (Actually, maybe it wasn't that entertaining... I can't remember...) Really, I'm just getting a little crazy from holiday prep. I was going to talk to you at Sarah's Gaudette soiree but we were deep in snow and dripping snot- good times, good times! Anyway, I feel like I also need to apologize to ol' Mike even though I didn't call him an idiot to his face. If you're reading this, Mike, I'm sorry.

Merry Christmas!!

Annie said...

No need to apologize, Mary! It's one thing to think a weatherman is an idiot, it's quite another to post mean anonymous comments on his blog which no one forces you to read. As long as you weren't one of THOSE people, you don't need to be sorry. I wonder if you'll ever see this comment?