Sunday, December 16, 2007


When I woke up with Anja this morning her eye was completely crusted over with green gunk. I cleaned it off and we braved the blizzard to get to church with her in the sling inside Martin's coat, and she was okay during mass but by the time we got home she had a long line of green snot running down her cheek from her eye. Also, her eye was starting to get swollen, either from us picking at it or from whatever was wrong with her. So I decided to call the doctor. When you call after hours they put you through to this nurse hotline where the people are REALLY nice... I called them last time when she had diarrhea. They were very helpful and friendly that time and this time the woman was even MORE friendly. I described Anja's eye to her, and she laughed and said, "it sounds like you've got pinkeye!" I said I thought it might be a clogged tear duct, and the nurse said, "you've described yellow-green discharge from the eye? Yes, that's pinkeye." The woman was really light about it and friendly and so helpful. However, she did say, "She's EXTREEEEEMELY CONTAGIOUS! Don't let her touch your face!" And I thought, "oh dear. Too late for that!" So it looks like Martino and I might be in for it ourselves. But at least we know what it is now. I feel so bad for her, she looks awful. The nurse also said she hoped we didn't have any pictures planned for her!! Aaah, I hope she doesnt look this awful at Christmas. She kind of looks like someone punched her in the face. I wonder how long pinkeye lasts? The nurse got another call that sounded like it was more urgent than mine, and she said she would call me back... I hope she remembers. But even if she doesn't, there's not much I can do except what she told me, which is one wipe of the eye per cotton ball, and wash our hands constantly. And not go anywhere. And she also said get used to having your weekends at home because kiddies always seem to get sick on Friday nights!

So that's the story of the day. She said take her in tomorrow, which I'll do, and they'll give her some eyedrops and it should be not contagious anymore within 24 hours of treatment and I don't know when her poor little face will start to look better, but hopefully soon.

Oooooh, now Martin is saying he might've brought it home from a guy in his office who was out for a few days cause his kids were sick! Oh well... my sister was having a party at her house today that I'm sad to miss, but really it's kind of nice to have an excuse to just stay home and be snuggly all day, especially with all the snow!

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Regis said...

Get her the eye drops from the doctor. By Christmas you won't even know she had it....she'll look totally fine. One of my kids inevitably gets it once a year. Other than it looking awful, it goes away pretty quickly. Good luck!