Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just Googling Around

This is a funny indicator of the age we live in now; (I'm sure it's not an original phrase, but I hadn't heard it said before last night.) These past two days at his job Martin hasn't had much of anything to do so he's been messing around on the internet and finding weird stuff. When he tells his stories he says he's been "screwing around" or "messing around" etc., but last night my mom was referring to his stories and she said he'd been "googling around." Isn't that hilarious? That's exactly what he WAS doing!

The picture to your left is our little family--our first family photo! I've been trying to get the three of us in a picture since the day Anja was born and it's just never happened. Finally last night as we were leaving my parents' house, we took Anja back out of her carseat for a picture together. Notice our sweaters--Martin's was a Christmas gift from his mom, and mine was a gift from Martin!! That white patch on the arm is this funny patch that has the brand name on it. Isn't that a cute sweater though??? It's so colorful, I love it!

We now officially have godparents for our baby girlie, but no baptism date. I tried to call St. Boniface yesterday but found the office to be closed until next week. But Matt Spencer has assured me that they don't care if a different priest baptizes your baby on any Sunday, so I don't feel as rude now. Also, Martin said that Fr. Alex baptized PeterXavier. I don't remember PeterXavier's baptism at all! I really have absolutely no memory of it. I'm sure I was there--especially if Martin was there--but I don't remember it.

Last night Martin and I went to my parents' house for dinner (ROAST BEEF AND BROWN GRAVY!!!!!!!!!!!) and afterward played some Euchre. Um... girls lost. Oops. I'm a really bad Euchre player. I really love to play it, but I'm just so bad at it! I think it's because my competitive nature is nonexsistant.... at least when it comes to games.

Matt Spencer came over this morning and we were talking about sleep. It was brought up that when I lived alone I really hardly slept, and I was never overly tired. I never felt at all sleep deprived even though I normally got only 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night. I would stay up late and get up early for work and never thought anything of it... in fact, I would give Martin SUCH a hard time for not staying out later because he was tired and wouldn't want to be tired the next day, and I tried to convince him that people didn't really need that much sleep. Now look at me! Hahaha!! Anja sleeps for 5 hour stretches and a year or two ago that would've been my whole night and I would've considered her to be "sleeping through the night." Now she sleeps for one five hour stretch and a number of other stretches between 1 and 3 hours, and I wake up exhausted every day!! Hahaha... I'm such a loser. I really need to get back to not needing much sleep.

And I thought I was really lucky to have a baby who sleeps for five hours at a time at night, but then yesterday I found out that it's not normal for a baby to cry for the majority of time she's awake. My wonderful neighbor Tara came over and I was telling her about it and she said, "I don't have any advice for you because I never had a baby who cried all the time." (In print that sounds very mean, but really it wasn't; Tara is never mean.) She suspects Anja to be colicky. However, Anja is doing much better these past few days than she had been.... she has much longer happier stretches. But she still cries a lot.

Today is a "day off" from festivities, tomorrow we have a Qualio family get-together. I'm kind of really excited for it because we never see our extended family anymore and they're all nuts, so it's bound to be an entertaining event.


Anne said...

Well, in that picture you'd never know her to be a screamer. She looks like a little sleeping angel!!

Rosemary said...

What a gorgeous baby!

Anonymous said...

She is So cute! Arent they always when they are sleeping?? Could her crying be from allergies? Anastasia was allergic to milk and even more allergic to soy... that was fun figuring out. So I couldn't drink milk until she was about 7 months. She was pretty cranky and would scream at the same time every night. Good luck!

Annie said...

I had thought about the milk allergy possibility because I've heard of so many babies with it. I will pay more attention to that. So far we have experimented with coffee--Martin has thought maybe caffeine makes her gassy because drinking coffee makes HIM gassy (although it doesn't do anything weird to my own internal plumbing...) so yesterday I had just one cup of coffee in the morning and today I'm having none. We will see at the end of the day what the results are!

Caitie B said...

Aww she looks so sweet there! :)