Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nightly Routines (And St. Nicholas Day! I forgot!)

I just read my brother's blog (actually I didn't read it, I just saw the first line and came here to post) and I'd completely forgotten about St. Nicholas Day. Well, actually that's not entirely true. I know that St. Nicholas Day is the 6th of December.... I just didn't remember that TODAY was the 6th of December. Therefore, I forgot that today was St. Nicholas Day... because I forgot that today was today.

Martin and Anja have gotten into a little bit of an evening routine. You see, Anja has this trick where she sleeps all day and then wakes up right after dinner and stays awake until about, oh, midnight or so. And she starts out happy when she is awake all evening, but then she grows steadily crabbier as the evening wears on. So about in the middle of the evening, when she's still fairly happy, between one meal and the raging fit that comes before the next meal, Martin sings songs to her. Tonight he was singing Johnny Cash, and she loved it!! But then guess what happened? I started singing along, and she went into hysterics. So I stopped singing, and she returned to being just fine.

I swear, my baby hates me. Well, she doesn't hate ME, she loves me because I feed her... but she hates my passion for music. How sad is that?!?

Last night we ate a pomegranate. I ate my piece with a spoon, but Martin ate his piece with his hands like a monkey. And today his hands are still all purple from the juice! It actually looks awful--he looks like he's got burns all over his hands, but it's just pomegranate.

Tonight we went to Target. We needed eggs for the weekend and Martin's been using my razor so he wanted his own, and we got some diapers and changing table pads and burp cloths because we didn't have very many of either. Then we sat at the Starbucks there and had some coffees. It was a nice little date. Anja wore this super cute onesie that is blue and brown stripes that her Aunt TusaRebecca brought over for her the other night, and it's REALLY cute, but she does look like a boy. Especially since she was wearing green pants and a green hat (with ears) and was wrapped in a blue blanket. But she looked so CUTE!!! One of our errands for Saturday is Once Upon a Child, so I'm hoping to find some plain pink pants for her and then she'll look more girlish.

It's supposed to snow again tonight so Martin worried about tomorrow's roads. Evidently they were REALLY bad the other day and he almost crashed and died. It took him almost two hours to get from here to Crawfordsville. He almost went back down tonight to spend the night. I thought he meant to spend the night at his fraternity house, but no... he was going to take his pillow with him and sleep on his office floor. Um. I told him that if he does things like and I have to explain it to people, they're going to think he's having an affair. Anyway, he stayed home and work out here in the morning and might be a little late to work if the roads are bad.

I have a baby question--when do they start holding their head up on their own? I'd like to know when I can start freaking out about Anja randomly breaking her neck. I'm guessing maybe they learn to support their heads around the time they start sticking their fingers in light sockets? That'd be my just my luck, wouldn't it.


Sarah said...

I think it t akes a while for them o really lose that floppiness and for you to no longer have to worry. But her head won't fall off. It's pretty secure.

Anonymous said...

Lay her on her stomach from time to time. After a while she will try to lift her head. You will then get a better idea of how strong she is and when she can hold her own head.
Aunt Anna May