Saturday, December 15, 2007

Goopy Eye

Anja has a goopy eye. It's her left one. She woke up this morning and it was really oozy and gets big eye boogers in the corner of it. I looked did a quick search this morning for "baby oozing eye" and everything I got described a blocked tear duct. She doesn't appear to be sick or anything though. But her eye is all ugly and slimy.

This is unfortunate because Theodore had an oozy eye when he was a kitten too. Is it something I'm doing to my precious babykins?

Does anyone know what it is or what I can do for it? If it's not gone by early next week I think I'll call the doctor.

Oh, also, when Martin went anniversary shopping this morning he came home with two Scott Frankenberger mugs for us! They are SO cute... and not my anniversary present! What a goof!


Anne said...

Annie, I've got nothing for goopy eye. Sorry. But I am totally sharing your excitement over blizzard no. 2.

Rosemary said...

My son had that when he was just born and it was a blocked tear duct. You can put a warm compress under her eye, near the corner closest to her nose. That will help unblock it, but it should resolve on its own. I think it took about a week or two to go away. You might just call and ask your pediatrician about it.