Saturday, December 22, 2007

Unexpected Visitors

I got a visit from "Aunt Flo(w)" yesterday. Six weeks on the dot. I thought that was next to impossible while you were breastfeeding, but evidently, I was misinformed. I told Martin I never wanted to have a thousand children. He said it'll be hard to afford the hotel we'll have to buy to house our huge family. Lucky for me, my Lady Comp is in the mail!!!! Thanks to the generosity of a blog commenter whose first name is "Yo."

Today is our first anniversary! We woke up early and exchanged presents: I got Martin stationary cards with his name across the top and a book of poems, he got me a super cute Wabash hoodie, a gorgeous glass ornament from Artists Own, and also from Artists Own a photograph by Suzie Coles. Suzie was a super nice lady who just died a few weeks ago. It's thanks to her that Martin and I have all of our wonderful Scott Frankenberger pieces. She worked at Artists Own while people were shopping for gifts for our wedding and she knew how much we liked Scott Frankenberger's stuff so she would point them in that direction. So that gift was special, AND it fulfilled the first anniversary "paper" tradition, being a photograph and all.

Then we did our Christmas shopping and I believe we are now completely finished. I'm happy with a lot of the gifts we've gotten, in fact, almost all of them seem more thoughtful than I usually am with gift giving. It's not that I don't TRY to be thoughtful... I'm just a really rotten gift-giver. Martin is very good, but I'm proud to take credit for a number of the good gifts this year.

Today officially began my Annie-Gets-Back-In-Shape workout program. Guess who my personal trainer is? I'll give you one hint: Every session is free for as long as we both shall live! He's a real nazi too. He's going to put the program up on his blog so he took some REALLY unflattering pictures of me to start it out. I hope he puts up a much better looking pre-baby picture. I'd like there to be pre-baby, post-baby and post-training. I wanted to look really gloomy like the women in those before-and-after face lift or acne pictures, but he didn't let me. I guess he didn't want the world wide web thinking he was married to a homeless person.

Wow, so it's been like three hours or so since I started this post and just now I fell down the stairs with Anja, smack on my back. Whoops. She's fine. I think I punctured a lung though. (obviously I'm kidding.)

I can't believe Christmas Eve is Monday! Crazy!


Anne said...

And I can't believe you find yourself in need of a lady comp ALREADY! Isn't it amazing how different women are? It's been 6+mos since Charles was born and I'm definitely not in need of a lady comp yet... One of my friends has had one period since she got married four years ago (and three kids ago).

Anonymous said...

Gosh Annie, I would rather have a visit from Aunt Flo and be able to figure out what my body is doing, rather than not having the visit and not really knowing when I am fertile and when I'm not. Breastfeeding doesn't guarentee that you aren't fertile, especially once the baby is getting older. Lots of women have found THAT out!!!!

Annie said...

Lots of women, including one whose name starts with an "s" and ends with "arah" and happens to be my sister! haha... I mean, I'm not really laughing, obviously... OBVIOUSLY.