Saturday, December 15, 2007


I hope you're all keeping up with Mike Prangley's blog today... the latest post says he's on a conference call with the National Weather Service talking about some BLIZZARD conditions and snow amounts of 12-14 inches being "solid" for our viewing area! Wooo! I'm about to go out and get some frozen chicken because we don't have any. We have a chicken from Thursday that I'm going to make some soup with, but I thought we might like more than just soup and eggs for today and tomorrow. Of course, when I told Martin I was going out, he said if I leave to drive in this weather he'll peek at his Christmas presents while I'm gone. Hm. That's quite a threat.

We've had a pretty good Saturday so far. Anja slept amazingly well last night, waking up every 3-4 hours instead of every 1-2 hours to eat! Martin braved the weather this morning to go anniversary gift shopping and when he got back we ate eggs and Kim came over with a plate of cookies and coffee for us. Sometime today we'd like to get a Christmas tree. Our plan is to walk down to St. James and get one and drag it home. I hope that plan works out!

Last night we went to Target to get some new onesies in Anja's correct size and when we walked past the shoe department it was hilarious... one aisle was mostly slippers, which were entirely sold out, and the next aisle over was all childrens snow boots--which were also sold out!! (Obviously they weren't ALL gone since we knew what had been there; there were a few pairs of each left.) Isn't that cute and funny? Everyone prepares for a blizzard in his own way, I guess.

This will be the second blizzard of 2007. Next year I think I'll make myself some snow shoes!

One thing I do miss about being childless this winter is our long cold walks. Martin and I have always taken long walks in the winter getting so cold and covered in ice and snow. Obviously we won't be doing that this year! But this year we will stay in and eat chicken vegetable soup and be cozy... and that will be a good memory too. Last year we went down to Chumley's and spent the blizzard with the real hardcore drunks. THAT was a memorable blizzard!

Another thing we've done for the past few years is stop in at a bar for a celebratory snow beer. Last year was kind of lame because we had to drive down from Eastway to go to the BrewCo, which is not NEARLY as fun as bundling up and walking down... but still. So this year Martin picked up a seasonal 12-pack of Sam Adams bottles. We are by no means big boozers.... we've been splitting a bottle between us every few nights. What a cozy little thing to do in the evenings! And they are yummie bottles too because they're holiday specials, like cranberry.

People have been writing mean things on Mike Prangley's blog. Dummies.

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